Salvation Army Provides Comfort After New Orleans Hard Rock Hotel Collapse 157101618010/13/19
An Outpouring of Love and Kindness Pour into Kingwood, Texas After Imelda 156964164009/27/19
Meals and Prayers Making a Difference in Southeast Texas 156942072009/25/19
Salvation Army Service Delivery Begins in Southeast Texas After Flooding 156913350009/22/19
Salvation Army Units in Southeast Texas Prepare to Respond to Flooding From Tropical Storm Imelda 156891594009/19/19
Walmart Donates $250,000 to The Salvation Army for Hurricane Dorian Response 156846606009/14/19
Salvation Army Deployed For 'Long-Haul' Hurricane Relief in Bahamas 156840438009/13/19
Down But Not Out - A Hurricane Dorian Story 156838680009/13/19
Salvation Army Carolinas Continues Serving Outer Banks after Dorian 156830178009/12/19
Salvation Army Relief Teams Converge on the Bahamas 156821130009/11/19
When the Storm Came - A Hurricane Dorian Rescue 156812466009/10/19
Neighbors Helping Neighbors after Hurricane Dorian 156803178009/09/19
Salvation Army Carolinas Serving Meals to Communities Impacted by Dorian 156787404009/07/19
Salvation Army Carolinas Assessing Community Needs Along Coast 156778464009/06/19
'I'd Rather Not Leave' Savannah Salvation Army Resident Helps in Relief Effort 156770832009/05/19
Relief Efforts Begin in the Bahamas in the Wake of Hurricane Dorian 156768282009/05/19
Salvation Army Carolinas Continues Preparations Ahead of Hurricane Dorian 156761220009/04/19
Salvation Army Volunteers Pack Clean-Up Kits As Hurricane Dorian Heads Up Florida Coast 156754692009/03/19
The Salvation Army of Georgia Activates as the Peach State Braces for Hurricane Dorian 156752286009/03/19
Salvation Army in Palm Beach Continues Preparations with Aid of Local Partners 156746484009/02/19
The Salvation Army in The Bahamas Gears Up for Response Efforts as Hurricane Dorian Batters Islands 156745170009/02/19
Preparations Continue in the Carolinas as Hurricane Dorian Churns in Atlantic 156744648009/02/19
The Salvation Army in The Bahamas is Ready to Respond as Hurricane Dorian Makes Landfall 156738126009/01/19
Kentucky And Tennessee Prepare For Support In The Wake Of Hurricane Dorian 156737166009/01/19
Salvation Army Texas EDS Teams Remain on Standby as Hurricane Dorian Approaches East Coast 156736728009/01/19
Salvation Army Remains Vigilant As Storm Shifts 156727746008/31/19
The Salvation Army of Georgia Makes Ready for Dorian 156726234008/31/19
Salvation Army Carolinas Closely Monitoring Dorian Track 156725592008/31/19
Salvation Army Texas EDS Team Deploying to Florida Ahead of Anticipated Hurricane Dorian Response 156722166008/30/19
Salvation Army Teams on Standby as Hurricane Dorian Approaches 156710202008/29/19
The Salvation Army Continues Compassionate Support in El Paso 156523518008/07/19
The Salvation Army Responds to Dayton Mass Shooting 156502242008/05/19
Danville Salvation Army Responds To Lincoln County Gas Line Explosion 156468222008/01/19
Patriot Military Personnel Utilize Salvation Army Volunteers in Training Exercises 156350604007/18/19
Volunteers Get Important Hands-On Training at Patriot North Disaster Exercise 156340374007/17/19
Salvation Army Actively Serving/Preparing in New Orleans & Baton Rouge Over Weekend 156309258007/14/19
The Salvation Army Joins Large-scale Disaster Exercise for Sixth Year 156305190007/13/19
The Salvation Army Prepares to Respond to Tropical Storm Barry 156296442007/12/19
The Salvation Army Braces for Tropical Storm Barry's Landfall 156294660007/12/19
Salvation Army Monitoring Potential Hurricane in Gulf of Mexico 156278214007/10/19
The Salvation Army Flood Relief Efforts Continue in Rio Grande Valley 156218628007/03/19
Salvation Army supports Clear Creek County Fire First Responders 156175266006/28/19
The Salvation Army Responds to Massive Flooding in Rio Grande Valley 156160686006/26/19
Charlotte Emergency Disaster Team Steps In to Support Neighbors in Flooded Riverside Community 156095892006/19/19
Salvation Army Employees Share Experiences with Flood Survivors at the MARC 156060948006/15/19
The Salvation Army and Texas State Guard Prepare for Future Disasters 156052974006/14/19
Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center and Center of Hope Assist in Flood Relief Efforts 156045462006/13/19
Salvation Army Participates in Multi-Agency Resource Centers in Northeast Oklahoma 156038832006/12/19
Operation BBQ Relief and The Salvation Army Partner Together 156028914006/11/19
Tyson Foods and J.B. Hunt Support Salvation Army Disaster Relief Efforts 156003252006/08/19
Joy in a Donut 155996424006/07/19
The Salvation Army’s Dayton Tornado Resource Center Launches 155992818006/07/19
After Waters Recede, Partners Provide Much-Needed Support 155987340006/06/19
Relations Matter as The Salvation Army Opens Tornado Resource Center in Dayton Ohio 155977542006/05/19
Relations Matter as The Salvation Army Opens Tornado Resource Center in Dayton Ohio 155977542006/05/19
An Update on Feeding Efforts in Northeast Oklahoma 155975268006/05/19
A Week After The Dayton, Ohio Storms, The Salvation Army Continues Relief Efforts 155959344006/03/19
The Salvation Army is Here! 155959224006/03/19
Volunteers, Survivors and First Responders Come by the Dozens 155951100006/02/19
The Salvation Army Responds to Mass Shooting in Virginia Beach, Virginia 155944434006/01/19
Salvation Army Continues to Serve Northeast Oklahoma and Arkansas 155944062006/01/19
The Salvation Army Continues to Discover Unmet Needs in Dayton Ohio 155942376006/01/19
Siouxland Salvation Army Remains Ready to Support Community Amid New Flooding Threat 155932854005/31/19
The Salvation Army Deploys Team to Oversee Disaster Response Operations in Oklahoma, Arkansas 155925714005/30/19
The Salvation Army of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Continues Relief Efforts in Dayton, Ohio 155924526005/30/19
Strength of Spirit and Hope 155916996005/29/19
Salvation Army Aiding Pendleton, Indiana Community After Memorial Day Tornado 155916318005/29/19
The Salvation Army’s Tornado Response Work Continues in Hard-Hit Dayton Ohio 155914638005/29/19
Salvation Army On the Ground and Serving in Dayton, Ohio After EF3 Tornado 155906574005/28/19
Central Oklahoma Salvation Army Responds to El Reno Tornado 155889792005/26/19
Tulsa Salvation Army Supports Green Country as Storms Move Across the Area 155889756005/26/19
Salvation Army Responds to Communities Affected by Tornado in Jefferson City (Cole County), Eldon (Miller County) and Golden City (Barton County), MI 155864928005/23/19
Empire State Division EDS Serves at Multi-Agency Resource Center in Response to Albany Block Fire 155862534005/23/19
The Salvation Army Closely Monitoring Flooding in Areas of Arkansas and Oklahoma 155858136005/22/19
The Salvation Army Delivering Support After Central Texas Tornadoes 155841372005/21/19
The Salvation Army Mobilizes for Flood Assistance in Texas 155809716005/17/19
Salvation Army Joins Partners at NOAA Hurricane Awareness Tour Stop in Charlotte 155783802005/14/19
Empire State Division EDS Holds Full Scale Mass Care Exercise 155775312005/13/19
The Salvation Army Helps Multiple Communities Affected by Recent Storms 155761086005/11/19
Buffalo NY EDS Responds to Three Alarm Fire Overnight 155732040005/08/19
Sarpy-Cass DRC Announces New Operating Hours 155681496005/02/19
Council Bluffs (IA) Corps Expands Flood-Relief Efforts in Southwest Iowa with New Feeding Operation and Outreach Effort 155674698005/01/19
Salvation Army Responds To Ruston Tornado With Multiple Feeding Units 155629158004/26/19
Disaster Strikes Ruston, Lincoln Parish, Louisiana 155621094004/25/19
Siouxland Salvation Army Renews Invitation to Community to Visit DRC for Flood-Relief Assistance 155597454004/22/19
Tornado Causes Damage in Franklin County, Virginia, While Storms Continue to Threaten Region 155571132004/19/19
The Salvation Army Serving Hope in Storm Damaged Areas 155562552004/18/19
Fremont Corps Offering Disaster-Relief Assistance During Special Operating Hours 155562060004/18/19
Salvation Army Columbus Corps Continues to Serve Tornado Survivors 155553708004/17/19
Flood-Relief Supplies Still on Offer at Metro-Area DRCs 155544624004/16/19
Salvation Army Assisting Residents Impacted by Severe Weather in Eastern PA & DE 155544534004/16/19
Ready to Serve when Tornado Hits Close to Home 155543130004/16/19
The Salvation Army ALM Division's Response to Weekend Tornadoes 155535396004/15/19
Severe Weather Outbreak Leaves Path of Destruction across Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi 155527314004/14/19
The Salvation Army Responds Quickly to East Texas Tornado 155521938004/14/19
Up to 500 Meals Per Day: Salvation Army Council Bluffs Corps Set to Expand Ongoing Food-Service Effort Today in Flood-Impacted Hamburg, Iowa 155509086004/12/19
TSA Siouxland Corps' Area Flood-Relief Efforts Roll On 155501874004/11/19
Salvation Army Western Division Concentrating DRC Assets in Areas of Greatest Need 155460960004/07/19
Western Division Plans to Expand Food-Service Efforts as Part of Ongoing Flood-Relief Campaign 155450112004/05/19
NEW Hours for Metro-Area Disaster Resource Centers (DRCs) This Weekend 155432232004/03/19
The Salvation Army Yuma Providing Humanitarian Aid to Migrant Families 155424966004/02/19
Salvation Army Norfolk (Nebraska) Corps Opens Disaster Resource Center to Assist with Flood Relief 155424264004/02/19
Salvation Army of Siouxland Opens Disaster Resource Center to Assist Those Affected by Local Flooding 155415576004/01/19
Council Bluffs Corps Opens Disaster Resource Center (DRC) Amid Ongoing WST Flood-Relief Effort 155400480003/31/19
Salvation Army Western Division Flood-Relief Efforts Continue in NE, IA, SD 155389782003/29/19
Salvation Army Expands Flood-Relief Efforts into Southwestern South Dakota 155381130003/28/19
The Salvation Army Providing Emergency Shelter to Refugees in McAllen, Texas 155377884003/28/19
Food-Service Operations Start Today in Flood-Stricken Hamburg, Iowa: Salvation Army Western Division Carries on with Flood Relief 155372568003/27/19
Planning for More: Salvation Army Western Division Prepares to Step Up Flood-Relief Efforts in SW Iowa 155363928003/26/19
Salvation Army Western Division Flood-Relief Teams Now Working Across 300-Mile-Long Corridor 155355264003/25/19
The Salvation Army Transitions to Long-Term Recovery After Alabama Tornado Outbreak 155348640003/25/19
More Meals, More Relief: Salvation Army Teams Expand Food-Service Efforts in Flood-Affected Areas of IA, NE, SD 155346744003/24/19
On the Move: Salvation Army Western Division Pushes Forward with Additional Flood Relief 155337894003/23/19
Salvation Army Calling in More Officers, Canteens to Assist with Flood Relief in NE, IA 155329398003/22/19
Salvation Army Western Division Making Inroads in Flood-Affected Areas 155318202003/21/19
Southeastern Africa devastated by tropical cyclone 155308620003/20/19
Western Division Canteens Responding to Flood-Affected Communities 155305440003/20/19
Salvation Army Teams Taking Relief Directly to Affected Communities 155296800003/19/19
Officers, Staff, and Volunteers in Action Across Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa 155292402003/18/19
Salvation Army Western Division Expands Its Flood-Relief Efforts 155279520003/17/19
Salvation Army Camp Gene Eppley Inundated by Floodwaters 155270880003/16/19
Salvation Army Western Division Seeking More Volunteers for Flood Relief 155270880003/16/19
Salvationists Call for Prayer and Care After Christchurch Mosque Attacks 155265426003/15/19
Expanding the Response: The Salvation Army Western Division Assisting with Flood Relief in NE, IA 155262240003/15/19
Tyson Foods Supports Salvation Army Tornado Relief Efforts 155249130003/13/19
The Salvation Army Herkimer, NY, Assists Family After Fire 155248968003/13/19
President Trump Visits Tornado Ravaged Lee County & The Salvation Army Continues to Serve 155208918003/08/19
Emotional & Spiritual Care Essential Aspect of Tornado Response in Beauregard, AL 155202420003/08/19
The Salvation Army Serving Baum Community After Tallahassee Tornado 155198382003/07/19
Salvation Army Serving Lee County Volunteers 155197638003/07/19
The Salvation Army Continues Aid and Comfort in Tornado-Stricken Georgia 155197398003/07/19
Salvation Army Serves Smiths Station Tornado Survivors 155189430003/06/19
The Salvation Army Continues To Serve First Responders After Alabama Tornado 155182446003/05/19
The Salvation Army Helps Those Impacted by South GA Tornados 155180460003/05/19
Salvation Army Serves and Stands Ready to Do More in Wake of Tennessee Flooding 155175078003/04/19
Salvation Army Incident Command Team Reporting to Opelika, AL for Tornado Recovery 155171808003/04/19
The Salvation Army Responds to Sunday's Tornado Outbreak in Lee County, Alabama 155165676003/03/19
Columbus Tornado Relief All About Community 155137002002/28/19
Salvation Army Providing Temporary Housing to People Displaced by South Carolina Hotel Fire 155129634002/27/19
Salvation Army Continuing to Serve Columbus Tornado Survivors 155110926002/25/19
The Salvation Army Serves After Tornado Strikes Columbus, MS 155098302002/23/19
The Salvation Army ready to respond to potential impacts from Typhoon Wutip 155087988002/22/19
The Salvation Army Southwest Division Responds to Unseasonable Winter Weather 155086608002/22/19
Don't Miss The Salvation Army's May 2019 Disaster Training Summit 155025126002/15/19
The Salvation Army ready to respond as winter storm tracks toward Hawaii 154983270002/10/19
Salvation Army Providing Support to Residents Displaced by Philadelphia Apartment Fire 154820550001/22/19
The Salvation Army Providing Meals to Chicago TSA During Government Shutdown 154784604001/18/19
Empire State Division EDS Prepares for MLK Weekend Winter Storm 154783272001/18/19
Philadelphia Disaster Team Responds to Major Apartment Building Fire 154476360012/14/18
Salvation Army Responding to Tornadoes throughout Taylorville, IL 154404708012/05/18
Salvation Army Cadets, Southern Baptists Worship, Serve Together After Hurricane 154257450011/18/18
Transitioning from Response to Recovery After Hurricane Michael in Panama City 154257342011/18/18
Salvation Army Aids Students in Panama City After Hurricane Michael 154249476011/17/18
Salvation Army Service Update for the Florida Panhandle 154237800011/16/18
SoCal Fire Evacuation Centers Consolidate, Salvation Army Continues Assistance 154222800011/14/18
Salvation Army Service Update for the Florida Panhandle 154213998011/13/18
Salvation Army continues to assist Butte County evacuees 154203480011/12/18
Salvation Army Serving SoCal Wildfire Evacuation Shelters; Fires Claim Camp 154198320011/11/18
Salvation Army Distributes Backpacks to Students Affected by Hurricane Michael 154186974011/10/18
Salvation Army Helps a Seaside Community Wiped Out by Hurricane Michael 154178022011/09/18
Salvation Army Hurricane Michael Service Update for Florida Panhandle 154161672011/07/18
Salvation Army in Panama City Brings Church to Hurricane Michael Volunteers 154144218011/05/18
Emergency Disaster Service Teams Focus on Bulk Distribution in Georgia 154143612011/05/18
Salvation Army Team from Canada Serving in Panama City, Florida 154135818011/04/18
Survivors Express Gratitude & Love for The Salvation Army in Panama City 154127712011/03/18
A Day of Emergency Disaster Operations in Apalachicola 154117968011/02/18
Supporting Neighbors in Need After Hurricane Michael in Sandy Creek, FL 154116168011/02/18
Canteen Halloween with The Salvation Army in Panama City 154107252011/01/18
No Tricks, Just Treats 154101522010/31/18
Salvation Army Hurricane Michael Service Update for Florida Pandhandle 154100262010/31/18
Out of Darkness There is Light and You Are Our Light 154092714010/30/18
Faith and Healing Following Hurricane Michael 154091160010/30/18
Emotional and Spiritual Care Personnel Offer Food for the Soul 154084026010/29/18
Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting 154083708010/29/18
Emergency Disaster Personnel Worship Before Serving 154082190010/29/18
Helping the Hungry and Tired in Bayou George 154078560010/29/18
The Salvation Army Saipan Corps Provides 1,000 Meals; Monetary Donations Needed 154077402010/28/18
The Salvation Army of Florida Hurricane Michael Response Update 154075566010/28/18
In Bainbridge, GA, The Army Behind The Salvation Army After Hurricane Michael 154073322010/28/18
Salvation Army and Mexico Beach Couple Form Friendship 154072554010/28/18
Salvation Army Expands Services in Panama City 154067244010/27/18
Inspirational Stories from The Salvation Army in South Georgia 154064730010/27/18
Southern Territorial Leaders Offer Prayer and Support in Panama City 154061280010/27/18
Dedicated Volunteers Drive Relief Efforts 154057764010/26/18
The Salvation Army of Georgia Hurricane Michael Response Update 154057422010/26/18
The Salvation Army seeks donations for Super Typhoon Yutu Recovery Assistance 154052988010/26/18
Salvation Army Committed to Providing Ongoing Relief for Tallahassee 154052640010/26/18
SATERN International Amateur Radio Network Activated For Hurricane Willa 154052064010/25/18
"I Trusted God through the Whole Storm" 154048266010/25/18
The Salvation Army Continues Relief in Rural Georgia 154047276010/25/18
Salvation Army ARC Graduate Celebrates Sobriety by Providing Emergency Services 154040274010/24/18
The Salvation Army Serves Populations in Rural Georgia 154038888010/24/18
The Salvation Army Gives Father of Four First Hot Meal in Days in Alford, FL 154035360010/24/18
Loving Your Neighbor as a Salvation Army Volunteer 154030086010/23/18
Best Buy Volunteers "Give Back" to The Salvation Army and their Community 154026282010/22/18
The Salvation Army Supporting Communities After Central Texas Flooding 154024008010/22/18
Salvation Army Team from Maryland Serving Mexico Beach After Hurricane Michael 154022736010/22/18
The Salvation Army Prepares for Long-Term Recovery in Georgia 154021734010/22/18
The Salvation Army Provides Services for Displaced Families in Chattahoochee, FL 154021332010/22/18
The Salvation Army Partners with FEMA in Georgia 154021320010/22/18
Florida Governor Visits Salvation Army Disaster Relief Operation in Panama City 154018080010/22/18
Salvation Army Personnel from Across U.S. Serving Hurricane Michael Survivors 154015020010/21/18
Katrina Survivors Give Back with The Salvation Army 154013130010/21/18
The Salvation Army Nourishes Staff at Community Center in Marianna 154009440010/21/18
For Panama City Man, The Salvation Army is There for the Second Time in His Life 154009440010/21/18
Belk Partners with The Salvation Army to Help in Hurricane Relief 154005588010/20/18
The Salvation Army of Georgia Hurricane Michael Disaster Response Update 154002840010/20/18
Attapulgus, GA Locals Join Salvation Army in Giving Aid 153998304010/19/18
The Salvation Army Lifts the Spirits of a Mexico Beach Couple Who Lost it All 153998256010/19/18
FAMU Athletes Lend The Salvation Army a Helping Hand for Tallahassee Relief 153996810010/19/18
Salvation Army Serving Much-Needed Meals to Mexico Beach Community 153996132010/19/18
Panama City Tree Service Worker Gets Needed Boost from The Salvation Army 153989472010/18/18
The Salvation Army of Georgia Hurricane Michael Disaster Response Update 153987600010/18/18
The Salvation Army Delivers Food to Isolated Fishing Village 153987294010/18/18
The Salvation Army - Delivering Hope Through Food, Water & Prayer in Panama City 153980814010/17/18
Tallahassee Veterinarian Sharing in Salvation Army's Ministry of Comfort 153978630010/17/18
The Salvation Army Brings Help and Hope to Albany, GA Enclave 153978432010/17/18
The Salvation Army Helps "Lift the Burden" for Panama City Family 153972036010/16/18
The Salvation Army of Georgia Expands Hurricane Michael Service 153970494010/16/18
Community Comes Together for Food, Coffee, and Fellowship in Quincy, Florida 153969900010/16/18
The Salvation Army Helps Two Brothers in Christ Deliver Hope in Panama City 153963192010/15/18
The Salvation Army: It’s About Others in Blakely, GA 153961980010/15/18
The Salvation Army Teams Meet Immediate Needs in South Georgia 153961470010/15/18
Planting Seeds of Hope on the Frontlines in Tallahassee 153960900010/15/18
The Salvation Army Delivers Food and Hope in Wake of Hurricane Michael 153953304010/14/18
The Salvation Army of Georgia's Hurricane Michael Disaster Response Update 153953280010/14/18
The Salvation Army Helps Hispanic Community Seeking Shelter in Bainbridge, GA 153952674010/14/18
The Salvation Army of Georgia’s Hurricane Michael Disaster Response Update 153944634010/13/18
Hurricane Michael: The Salvation Army's Florida Disaster Response Update 153944286010/13/18
The Salvation Army Serving Meals Across The Florida Panhandle 153937998010/12/18
The Salvation Army Assessing Damage And Meeting Needs 153929136010/11/18
Salvation Army of Eastern PA & DE on Standby for Hurricane Michael Deployment 153928650010/11/18
The Salvation Army on the Move to Help South Georgia 153928530010/11/18
Salvation Army Sends Crews to Help Hard-Hit Areas after Hurricane Michael 153927558010/11/18
The Salvation Army of Georgia Readies as Michael Slams Florida Panhandle 153919968010/10/18
The Salvation Army Mobilizes Personnel As Florida Braces for Hurricane Michael 153918744010/10/18
Salvation Army Teams Return from Carolinas & Prepare for Hurricane Michael 153914400010/10/18
The Salvation Army Prepares for Hurricane Michael 153909324010/09/18
Salvation Army Hosts Congressmen Scalise and Rouzer at Hurricane Relief Center 153869076010/04/18
The Salvation Army Responds to Active Shooter Incident in Florence, SC 153865362010/04/18
Tragedy In The Midst of Disaster 153860082010/03/18
Therapy Dogs Now Integral Part of Salvation Army Disaster Response 153858354010/03/18
Greenville SC Man Finds Meaning, Redemption After Hurricane Florence 153857994010/03/18
Salvation Army Participates in Multi-Agency Distribution 153851562010/02/18
Little Caesars Helps The Salvation Army Show Love to New Hanover County Staff 153850710010/02/18
Everyone We Serve Has a Name 153842802010/01/18
Salvation Army Responder Helps Fellow Navy Mom Impacted by Florence 153841998010/01/18
Salvation Army Shares Hope and Help After Disasters 153840690010/01/18
AmeriCorps and The Salvation Army: Powerful Partners in Disaster Recovery 153840282010/01/18
And In The End---Give Thanks 153834744009/30/18
PepsiCo Foundation Helps The Salvation Army Meet Needs After Hurricane Florence 153833466009/30/18
Salvation Army Says Thank You to Neighbors 153831906009/30/18
Salvation Army Providing Much-Needed Supplies to Aid Florence Recovery 153824454009/29/18
Salvation Army Provides Showers in the Aftermath of Hurricane Florence 153817140009/28/18
Little Caesar's Love Kitchen Partners with The Salvation Army in New Bern 153816738009/28/18
The Salvation Army To Manage Supplies Distribution At Community Recovery Center 153807846009/27/18
Puerto Rico: One Year Later - Hope and Resilience after Hurricane Maria. 153807168009/27/18
Going Above and Beyond--It's a Team Effort 153806694009/27/18
Emotional and Spiritual Care during Disasters 153805434009/27/18
The Salvation Army Partners with Local Church in Conway SC 153805254009/27/18
New Partnership Helps Keep Salvation Army Service Delivery On Track 153798702009/26/18
A Network For Good in Robeson County 153798036009/26/18
It's Not Over, The Salvation Army Is Here 153797208009/26/18
The Salvation Army Canteen a Welcome Sight in Loris, SC 153796530009/26/18
From Little To Less...Recovering From Florence 153792720009/25/18
Canteen Workers Shine A Light of Hope 153791880009/25/18
Cleaning up Carteret County Begins, One Kit at a Time 153789870009/25/18
It's More Than Meals To Mary 153788898009/25/18
Volunteers: The Army Behind The Army 153788022009/25/18
Salvation Army Response Efforts Continue to Grow In Robeson County 153784428009/24/18
Learning to Trust God in the Trials 153781458009/24/18
The Salvation Army Helps Myrtle Beach in Race Against Time 153779202009/24/18
Commissioner Barbara Howell Visits Wilmington, NC After Hurricane Florence 153775002009/23/18
Local Church Joins Army Meeting Needs in Carteret County 153774270009/23/18
The Building is Not the Army! We are the Army! 153773814009/23/18
Caring for Carteret County with More Than Food and Water 153770874009/23/18
Stuck Like Glue, Boiling Spring Lake, NC 153763374009/22/18
Salvation Army Played a Valuable Role in our Time of Need 153763326009/22/18
Neighbors Helping Neighbors on Harkers Island 153762774009/22/18
The Salvation Army Changes Strategy as Waters Rise in Conway SC 153762408009/22/18
Amazing Love and Community 153762048009/22/18
Meals and Muck Out Served with Compassion By Southern Baptist Disaster Relief 153756900009/21/18
Salvation Army and Bethel Church Partner to Serve Goldsboro 153756852009/21/18
Your Service Allows Us to Be There When the Community Needs Us the Most 153756120009/21/18
Serving More Than a Meal at Tommy's Road Elementary 153755706009/21/18
Salvation Army Receives $1.25 Million from the Walmart Hurricane Relief Fund 153754566009/21/18
Ask, Seek, Knock, The Salvation Army in Wilmington, NC Update 153754152009/21/18
The Word Is Out that The Salvation Army Is Here 153754074009/21/18
Salvation Army Serving in the Carolinas after Hurricane Florence 153750240009/21/18
Operation BBQ Relief Partners with The Salvation Army in Wilmington, NC 153747936009/20/18
It's My Turn to Help 153747312009/20/18
Newport Middle School a Refuge for the Displaced in Carteret County 153746502009/20/18
Disaster Response Requires Many "C's" 153745068009/20/18
People Coming Together to Support Down East Communities in NC 153744966009/20/18
Team Rubicon and The Salvation Army Partner to Continue Rebuilding After Irma 153739230009/19/18
The Salvation Army A Shelter in the Storm for SC Community 153738990009/19/18
Unable to Work but Able to Serve 153731022009/18/18
Local Business Partners with The Salvation Army to Carry on Legacy of Giving 153730950009/18/18
Longing for Power, Finding Strength in Morehead City, North Carolina 153730032009/18/18
Food and Supplies Distributed in the Philippines after Typhoon Mangkhut 153727596009/18/18
The Salvation Army Meeting Needs in Close-Knit Community 153727212009/18/18
The Salvation Army Aids First Responders in Conway SC 153722592009/17/18
Salvation Army Brings Hot Meals and Hope to Hyde County 153721254009/17/18
Hurricane Florence: Disaster Response Update 153707040009/16/18
Salvation Army Massachusetts Division Provides Support in Gas Explosions 153695406009/14/18
The Salvation Army Ready to Respond as Hurricane Florence Makes Landfall 153694806009/14/18
The Salvation Army of Georgia Ready to Respond as Florence Slams Carolinas 153694272009/14/18
Snapshot of The Salvation Army's Work as Hurricane Florence Makes Landfall 153693462009/14/18
Salvation Army North and South Carolina Mobilizing Ahead of Hurricane Florence 153678510009/12/18
Alabama, Louisiana & Mississippi Teams Head East as Florence Nears 153678282009/12/18
Deployed In Response To Florence, Kentucky & Tennessee Personnel Look Southeast 153676620009/12/18
SATERN Activating National Amateur Radio Network For Hurricane Florence 153675528009/12/18
Salvation Army Texas Disaster Team Deploys as Hurricane Florence Approaches 153672018009/11/18
Salvation Army Mobilizing Personnel and Mobile Feeding Units Ahead of Florence 153669264009/11/18
Georgia Division Readies Resources in Anticipation of Hurricane Florence 153667932009/11/18
National Capital & Virginia Division Readies Response to Hurricane Florence 153667284009/11/18
The Salvation Army to Deploy Teams From Florida to Carolinas Ahead of Florence 153660210009/10/18
Salvation Army of the Carolinas Closely Monitoring Tropical Storm Florence 153634272009/07/18
The Salvation Army Grateful & Remaining Diligent as Gordon Passes 153616476009/05/18
The Salvation Army Stands Ready to Respond to Gordon 153608442009/04/18
Gulf Coast Salvation Army Units Prepare for Tropical Storm Gordon 153599406009/03/18
The Salvation Army Hilo Thrift Store flooded by Lane; closed indefinitely 153568014008/30/18
One Year Later The Salvation Army is Delivering Hope After Hurricane Harvey 153563682008/30/18
The Salvation Army Continues to Serve After Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria 153547068008/28/18
The Salvation Army Responds to Mass Shooting in Jacksonville, Florida 153531864008/26/18
Salvation Army named lead agency for Hawaii Mass Care Feeding Task Force 153522600008/25/18
SATERN Activating For Hurricane Lane 153511644008/24/18
The Salvation Army responds to Stubblefield Fire (Update #2) 153499680008/23/18
The Salvation Army readies for Hurricane Lane; continues Puna lava flow response 153497460008/22/18
The Salvation Army Pays Tribute to Harvey Volunteers and Corporate Partners 153497262008/22/18
The Salvation Army Called to Serve at Wildfire in Condon, Oregon 153473760008/20/18
Salvation Army of Washington NC Provides Support in Search for Missing Boaters 153469290008/19/18
Salvation Army Aids Pennsylvania Communities Hit by Flash Floods 153451776008/17/18
The Salvation Army - Delivering Hope to Those in Crisis After Hurricane Harvey 153418254008/13/18
Salvation Army to assist with meal service at Hat Fire evacuation center 153400830008/11/18
The Salvation Army in Indonesia Begins Earthquake Response on Lombok 153390690008/10/18
Transition to assistance centers for the Carr Fire and Mendocino Complex Fire 153384798008/09/18
Carr Fire and Mendocino Complex Fire Response Update 153367392008/07/18
The Salvation Army Marks One-Year Anniversary of Hurricane Harvey 153361908008/07/18
Lynchburg Center of Hope Shelters Flood Evacuees 153332400008/03/18
Salvation Army responds to Carr Fire (Update #5) 153324744008/02/18
The Salvation Army responds to Carr Fire (Update #4) 153315792008/01/18
Salvation Army to serve meals at the Mendocino Complex Fire evacuation centers 153305970007/31/18
Salvation Army responding to the Carr Fire (Update #3) 153304596007/31/18
The Salvation Army continues support of Puna economy; purchases shelter meals 153300528007/30/18
The Salvation Army Begins Assistance of Cranston Fire Evacuation Shelter 153272670007/27/18
Salvation Army serving meals at evacuation centers in Redding and Weaverille, CA 153265002007/26/18
Salvation Army Relief Effort in Marshalltown, Iowa Continues 153254400007/25/18
The Salvation Army Responds to Wildfires in US, Canada, Europe 153245754007/24/18
The Salvation Army in San Marcos, Texas, Serving Following Deadly Apartment Fire 153237564007/23/18
SATERN 30th Anniversary Net Rally A Resounding Success! 153236286007/23/18
The Salvation Army Responds To Central Iowa Tornadoes 153210444007/20/18
The Salvation Army serves at 300 acre Forrest Fire near New York/Canadian Border 153150636007/13/18
The Salvation Army responds to the Puna lava flow - Update No. 12 153118770007/09/18
Salvation Army supports evacuees of West Fire in East County San Diego 153108024007/08/18
Salvation Army Williamsburg on the Scene of Helicopter Crash and Fire 153102240007/08/18
Salvation Army to serve meals at an evacuation center in Yreka, CA 153091458007/06/18
The Salvation Army Delivers Clean-Up Kits As Crews Work to Contain Spring Fire 153065988007/03/18
The Salvation Army Responds to Fire in Franklin County, Florida 152995050006/25/18
The Salvation Army responds to Puna lava flow - Update No. 11 152954808006/20/18
The Salvation Army of McAllen Responds to Severe Flooding in South Texas 152954136006/20/18
The Salvation Army Responds To Severe Flooding in Upper Michigan 152935788006/18/18
The Salvation Army And American Radio Relay League Announce MOU At HamVention 152906844006/15/18
The Salvation Army’s Emergency Services Responding to 416 Fire in Durango, CO 152892576006/13/18
The Salvation Army in Georgia Focused on Irma Long-Term Recovery 152846988006/08/18
The Salvation Army Assists Volcano Survivors in Guatemala 152829138006/06/18
The Salvation Army Prepares for 2018 Hurricane Season 152779908005/31/18
The Salvation Army Responds to Puna Lava Flow - supporting local economy 152763762005/29/18
Salvation Army on Scene of Noblesville, Indiana Middle School Shooting 152728002005/25/18
The Salvation Army Responds to Puna Lava Flow; Update No. 9 - continued needs 152695998005/21/18
Salvation Army Support Continues Following Santa Fe, Texas Shooting 152670546005/19/18
The Salvation Army Responds to Active Shooter Incident in Santa Fe, TX 152666124005/18/18
The Salvation Army Responds to Kilauea Eruption; needs grow for donations 152659122005/17/18
Salvation Army Helps Oklahomans Rebuild & Prepare 5 Years After Tornado Outbreak 152649726005/16/18
Florida Salvation Army Director to be Honored at Governors Hurricane Conference 152640822005/15/18
Emergency Disaster Services Cross-Train Social Service Staff 152640252005/15/18
Hawaii Salvation Army Responds to Puna Lava Flow; Distribution Center to Open 152635902005/15/18
Ford Motor Company Donates Vehicles for Salvation Army Disaster Relief Efforts 152633574005/14/18
The Salvation Army Responds to Puna Lava Flow - Update #6 152606718005/11/18
The Salvation Army Responds to Puna Lava Flow - Update #5 152592582005/10/18
Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Team Responds to Helena Flood Areas 152592480005/10/18
The Salvation Army responds to Puna Lava Flow - Update #4 152585382005/09/18
Salvation Army Supports Emergency Management Exercise in Virginia 152580528005/08/18
The Salvation Army continues response to Puna Lava Flow - seeks meal donations 152574012005/07/18
The Salvation Army Elberton Crew Brings Relief to Savannah 152563110005/06/18
The Salvation Army Responds to Puna Lava Flow 152557752005/05/18
The Salvation Army Continues Service at Savannah Plane Crash Site 152547348005/04/18
The Salvation Army ready to respond to Puna lava flow 152540484005/03/18
The Salvation Army of Texas Recognizes Keller Williams/KW Cares Harvey Support 152531448005/02/18
The Salvation Army Responds to C-130 Crash in Savannah, GA 152529198005/02/18
Verizon Receives Sleeves Rolled Up National Partnership Award 152527758005/02/18
Salvation Army Disaster Workers Respond To Explosion In Superior 152478042004/26/18
The Salvation Army Assists Communities Affected by Devastating Wildfires 152460018004/24/18
The Salvation Army Continues Long-term Hurricane Response in the Caribbean 152457870004/24/18
The Salvation Army Supports Regional Emergency Exercise 152445180004/22/18
Hawaii Salvation Army Continues Flood Relief Efforts on Kauai and Oahu 152426646004/20/18
Salvation Army Support Continues in Greensboro, North Carolina 152424972004/20/18
Buffalo EDS Team Responds to Explosion and Fire Impacting Three Homes 152423292004/20/18
The Salvation Army continues EDS outreach on Kauai in flood areas 152402520004/18/18
Salvation Army Serving in Greensboro, North Carolina After Tornadoes Rip Through 152396124004/17/18
The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services units aid communities on Kauai 152391492004/16/18
The Salvation Army Responds to Tornado and Wind Damage in Virginia 152388720004/16/18
Salvation Army Provides Meals for Students During Oklahoma Teacher Walkout 152278134004/03/18
As Mandatory Evacuations Begin, The Salvation Army Sets Up In Santa Barbara 152174484003/22/18
Miami-Dade Salvation Army Disaster Team Released from Bridge Collapse Site 152158170003/20/18
The Salvation Army Serving in Jacksonville, Alabama Following Severe Weather 152155998003/20/18
WW9E Call Sign Assigned To Salvation Army USA National Headquarters 152148306003/19/18
The Salvation Army Helping Montana Reservations Following Heavy Snowfalls 152122152003/16/18
Salvation Army Responds to FIU Bridge Collapse 152116584003/15/18
Giving Salvation To Those In Need 152091360003/13/18
Hope For A Fragile Life 152065800003/10/18
Salvation Army Serving Law Enforcement During San Antonio Standoff 152062536003/09/18
A Helping Hero 152057160003/09/18
Family Love For Puerto Rico 152057160003/09/18
Hope During Dark Times 152048520003/08/18
Central Arkansas Salvation Army Responds to Flooding in Lonoke County 152046090003/07/18
Buffalo Area EDS Team Celebrates 75 Years of Service 152044080003/07/18
Ogdensburg, NY EDS responds to North Country Fire 152043846003/07/18
The Salvation Army Provides Aid and Comfort in Dalton,GA After School Emergency 152000790003/02/18
Salvation Army Prepares Response to 7.5-magnitude Earthquake in Papua New Guinea 151986078002/28/18
Preparation and Prepositioning 151944030002/23/18
Swoneky Shares Mission at State Emergency Partner Meeting 151914582002/20/18
Counseling and Financial Assistance Provided to Parkland Families 151897776002/18/18
Comfort and Hope Provided to Vigil Attendees 151879758002/16/18
The Salvation Army Continues to Serve Following Tragic Parkland Shooting 151872252002/15/18
The Salvation Army Responds to Tragic School Shootings in Florida 151866126002/14/18
The Salvation Army in Bangladesh Helps Landslide-Hit Tribe Members to Rebuild 151863396002/14/18
Busy week for Ogdensburg, NY EDS Team 151638378001/19/18
Plattsburgh, NY EDS Team On Scene of Ice Jam Flooding in North Country 151628628001/18/18
Buffalo Area EDS Teams Respond to 75 Vehicle Accident During Blizzard 151508280001/04/18
Buffalo EDS Continues Busy 2017 With Multi Alarm Fire Response 151395384012/22/17
The Salvation Army Assisting Thomas Fire Survivors' Return to Normalcy 151389936012/21/17
Empire Division Supports Missing Person Search in Catskill Mountains 151331400012/15/17
The Salvation Army Aids Thomas Fire Survivors as Recovery Enters Full Swing 151328670012/14/17
The Salvation Army Gives Thanks to The Walmart Foundation's Generosity 151320162012/13/17
Salvation Army continues support during Lilac Fire 151293456012/10/17
Salvation Army supports evacuees of Lilac Fire 151275768012/08/17
The Salvation Army Continues to Provide Relief Across Southern California 151262280012/07/17
The Salvation Army's Response Grows as Fires in California Spread 151257678012/06/17
The Salvation Army's Impact is Being Felt Across Puerto Rico 151252524012/05/17
The Salvation Army Mobilizes Overnight With Support for Thomas Fire 151245000012/05/17
Q&A: Disaster Services Director Aids in Hurricane Maria Relief 151241466012/04/17
An Innovative Approach to Service in Puerto Rico 151226700012/02/17
Emergency Feeding Service Continues in Puerto Rico 151190382011/28/17
Salvation Army Providing Ongoing Case Work and Points of Distribution in Texas 151068198011/14/17
Salvation Army Volunteers Awarded Florida Governor's Champion of Service 151015686011/08/17
The Salvation Army Serving Following Shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas 150999162011/06/17
The Salvation Amy Continues Impacting Lives in Remote Parts of Puerto Rico & VI 150885894010/24/17
Niagara Falls and Buffalo EDS Teams Respond to Hazardous Materials Incident 150881760010/24/17
Salvation Army Transitions from Response to Recovery for Harvey & Irma 150851754010/20/17
Salvation Army Welcomes Hurricane Maria Evacuees to Florida 150833808010/18/17
The Salvation Army Meeting Most Urgent Needs in Puerto Rico & Virgin Islands 150816636010/16/17
Salvation Army Feeding Assistance Continues after Northern California Wildfires 150810558010/15/17
City Mill & Customers Donate more than $30,000 for Hurricane Relief Efforts 150800298010/14/17
St. Thomas Salvation Army Partners with Red Cross To Coordinate Deliveries 150781632010/12/17
Mission Happens Outside Church Walls in Dallas 150774978010/11/17
Salvation Army extends meal service at Napa and Santa Rosa evacuation centers 150767184010/10/17
Salvation Army Providing Meals at Napa and Santa Rosa Wildfire Scenes 150765564010/10/17
Holiday Beach Strong 150760800010/10/17
Shirts and Salvation for Holiday Beach Survivors 150760800010/10/17
Officer provides care to one of his own employees following Nate 150749118010/08/17
In Puerto Rico, Over 1.2 Million Survivors' Needs Met by The Salvation Army 150732918010/06/17
Equipment Moved to Higher Ground, Sunday Services Cancelled Along the Gulf Coast 150732228010/06/17
Salvation Army Provides Bilingual Assistance for Irma Survivors 150731346010/06/17
Two Girls and a Truck 150723630010/05/17
Salvation Army ALM units on standby with strengthening, predicted track of Nate 150723396010/05/17
Hurricane Irma - Florida Disaster Response Update 150721068010/05/17
Salvation Army Offering Prayer and Counsel in Las Vegas 150705756010/03/17
Salvation Army Naples Begins Operation: Lasting Hope 150705054010/03/17
Salvation Army Spiritual Teams Touching Lives in Fort Myers 150698244010/02/17
"The Salvation Army Did More Than Serve Food - They Were Our Heroes" 150697812010/02/17
The Salvation Army in Mexico Continues a Multifaceted Disaster Response 150697554010/02/17
JP Morgan Chase Volunteers Give Back to Disaster Relief 150696864010/02/17
Hurricane Irma - Florida Disaster Response Daily Update 150689424010/01/17
Hendry County Sheriff Rescues The Salvation Army 150687516010/01/17
Aransas Pass Residents Living in Tents and Campers Thankful for Salvation Army 150683166010/01/17
Coastal Community has Hope for Healing With The Salvation Army in Texas 150682788009/30/17
The Hidden Everglades 150679122009/30/17
In U.S. Virgin Islands, Salvation Army Provides Free Clothing to the Needy 150678030009/30/17
Neighbors Helping Neighbors in Collier County 150670764009/29/17
Salvation Army EDS Services Transition to Long-Term Recovery in Texas 150670296009/29/17
A "Miracle" Means New Backpacks For Students in Victoria, Texas 150669906009/29/17
Salvation Army Supports National Disaster Medical System in Columbia, SC 150669570009/29/17
Salvation Army Relief Efforts Continue in Puerto Rico & U.S. Virgin Islands 150668664009/29/17
Starting Over at Age 73 After Suffering Losses on Farm in Bayside 150663552009/28/17
Hurricane Irma - Florida Disaster Response Daily Update 150662778009/28/17
Three Essential Items For Families With Babies 150654588009/27/17
The Salvation Army to staff on-site assistance office at Marco Polo condominium 150654582009/27/17
This Is My Storm: A Hurricane Harvey Survivor Story 150653784009/27/17
Port Aransas Residents Grateful for Salvation Army Support as Cleanup Continues 150645864009/26/17
The Salvation Army Continues to Serve Puerto Rico & U.S. Virgin Islands 150644928009/26/17
The Salvation Army Responds to Catastrophic Mexico City Earthquake 150639840009/26/17
Pulling Together To Support The Community 150637320009/25/17
Sunday School for Survivors and Spiritual Care in Corpus Christi 150631326009/25/17
Salvation Army Volunteer Gives Life-Saving Medical Assistance in Victoria, TX 150629790009/24/17
From Midwest Food Bank with Love 150628848009/24/17
Response, Relief and Recovery After Irma in Collier County, Florida 150619674009/23/17
Always There - Offering Hope and Help 150611940009/22/17
Midwest Food Bank Key Partner for The Salvation Army 150609762009/22/17
Many Hands Make Light Work 150609720009/22/17
One Stop Shop Serves Fort Myers Hurricane Irma Survivors 150609516009/22/17
Bonding, Blessings and Bracelets in Port Aransas, Texas 150604776009/21/17
Doing Good for Others - One Meal at a Time 150603336009/21/17
From The Classroom To Field Service: The Salvation Army Cadets arrive in Houston 150603114009/21/17
Don't Know What We Are Going to Do, But I'm Glad We Have This Meal 150599604009/21/17
Hurricane Irma | Florida Disaster Response Daily Update 150596640009/21/17
The Salvation Army: Here to Serve 150594084009/20/17
Emotional and Spiritual Care: An Essential Need in Disaster Response 150593730009/20/17
MPOWERD and The Salvation Army Partner to Provide a Light in the Darkness 150593670009/20/17
In The Face of Utter Destruction, Faith Stands Tall in Texas 150591936009/20/17
Reaching the Unreachable - No One is Ever Forgotten 150586194009/19/17
Salvation Army Harvey Update Houston, Tuesday, Sept. 19 150585636009/19/17
Bonita Springs Receiving Much-Needed Help 150585060009/19/17
Martin County Salvation Army happy to help wherever needed across wide area 150583404009/19/17
The Salvation Army Prepares for Impact of Hurricane Maria 150582816009/19/17
Care Will Continue After the Last Canteen Rolls Away 150582042009/19/17
The Salvation Army Comes Full Circle for Port Aransas Resident 150579462009/19/17
Piercing the Darkness: Shining a Light into the Community 150577692009/18/17
Volunteer Discovered Passion to Serve Others at The Salvation Army 150576486009/18/17
Paychecks Running Out, Businesses Still Closed After Irma, Army Meeting Need 150575460009/18/17
Chaplain Deployed To Texas Describes Recovery Efforts, Experience 150575382009/18/17
Hot Meals Bring Hope and a Sense of Community Across Lee County 150574086009/18/17
Hurricane Harvey: The Salvation Army Disaster Relief Update 150570720009/18/17
After Andrew... After Irma... The Salvation Army Serves in Homestead, FL 150569940009/17/17
We Are Naples: Salvation Army Continues Irma Relief Efforts in Collier County 150568620009/17/17
Twenty-Two Workers from Six States in Sebring, FL With One Goal: Bringing Hope 150568320009/17/17
Salvation Army Harvey Update Houston, Saturday, Sept. 17 150567414009/17/17
Emotional and Spiritual Care: Helping Families Recover after Disaster 150567018009/17/17
The Salvation Army Serves in the Dark 150566190009/17/17
I Saw The Salvation Army and I Knew You Would Listen: Finding Hope After Irma 150565914009/17/17
Mercy Chefs Do The Cooking in Rockport, Texas 150565848009/17/17
They Lost Everything But Their Compassion for Others 150565758009/17/17
Hurricane Survivors Find Comfort in Christ 150565662009/17/17
My Wife and I Have Cried a River in the Past Few Days: Finding Hope after Irma 150560910009/16/17
Always Enough Room on the Ark 150560820009/16/17
The Salvation Army Serves More Than 3,000 Meals Across Highlands County, FL 150559770009/16/17
Age has no limits for Salvation Army volunteers 150559440009/16/17
Salvation Army Harvey Update Houston, Saturday, Sept. 16 150558456009/16/17
Salvation Army Turning the Tide on Tybee Island After Hurricane Irma 150557730009/16/17
Officer's Prayer Bracelets Open Conversation Leading to Salvation 150556962009/16/17
The Salvation Army Speaks Hope to Tragedy 150552540009/15/17
Crossroads Residents Learn the Value of ''Others'' 150552318009/15/17
Bringing Smiles Back: One Little Girl at a Time 150552108009/15/17
The Salvation Army Expands Services in the Florida Keys 150551628009/15/17
'The Salvation Army are Like Angels' 150551334009/15/17
Six from Kroc Center Hawaii's EDS team deploy to Texas for hurricane recovery 150551214009/15/17
Central FL Residents Grateful to See Salvation Army, Thankful for Food, Drinks 150550242009/15/17
Golden Triangle Community Grateful for Salvation Army Support 150550176009/15/17
Boys Home Reaches Out to Salvation Army for Help in Northeast Florida 150549018009/15/17
As Waters Recede, Hope Remains 150547926009/15/17
Salvation Army teams serve the ''least, last, lost'' in Migrant Community 150543654009/14/17
''No Power Means No Food -Thank you for Coming to Florida'' 150542742009/14/17
More Than Half a Million Meals Served in Texas Since Harvey Made Landfall 150542310009/14/17
Red Shield Services Provide Shelter from the Storm, Solace for the Soul 150542112009/14/17
Partnership helps The Salvation Army deploy needed resources to Florida 150540744009/14/17
The Salvation Army establishing feeding in Highlands County, Florida after Irma 150540570009/14/17
The Salvation Army on the Move in Georgia 150540084009/14/17
Welcoming Those Returning Home with a Hot Meal and a Smile 150535404009/13/17
Greater Houston Facebook Page Now Features Canteen Updates 150533442009/13/17
How a Lion Named Judah is Bringing Smiles to Survivors in Beaumont 150532866009/13/17
Refuge from the Storm in Augusta Georgia 150532800009/13/17
Salvation Army Field Kitchens: The Hub of Houston Feeding 150532758009/13/17
Salvation Army of the Carolinas Sends Disaster Relief Teams to Florida 150532602009/13/17
Food Truck Gives Father of Two a Second Chance in Rockport, Texas 150532506009/13/17
Volunteers and Canteens: Partners in Serving with The Salvation Army 150532026009/13/17
The Salvation Army and Midwest Food Bank Partner to Serve Hurricane Survivors 150527520009/13/17
Salvation Army Housing Monitor Offers Hope Through the Storm 150526044009/12/17
The Salvation Army of Florida brings reinforcements to assist residents 150525246009/12/17
The Salvation Army Serving Hardest Hit Texas Communities 150524886009/12/17
Greater Houston IMT Focuses on Efficient Delivery of Support and Supplies 150524334009/12/17
Creative, High-Tech Solutions to Meet Survivor Needs in Houston 150524004009/12/17
Georgia Responds Aggressively-Serves Compassionately Throughout Irma's Impact 150523698009/12/17
"The food was great but the bottle of orange juice saved my life!" 150518532009/11/17
"The Cavalry is Coming" Florida Salvation Army Responds with Teams, Equipment 150516480009/11/17
Selfless Service in Texas While Family Face Hurricane Irma in Florida 150514464009/11/17
Food and a Friendly Face in Port Lavaca, Texas 150510678009/11/17
Divine Intervention for Displaced Single Mother in Rockport, Texas 150510096009/10/17
Calm in the Storm: Salvation Army Emotional and Spiritual Care Teams Prepare 150508026009/10/17
Salvation Army Staged for Deployment as Hurricane Irma Heads for Georgia 150507498009/10/17
Help is Here in Houston 150505278009/10/17
Emotional & Spiritual Care Speaks to the Hearts of Houstonians 150505248009/10/17
Sending Love and Supplies from Kansas to Texas 150501270009/09/17
The Salvation Army of the Carolinas - Ready to Serve 150498378009/09/17
Salvation Army Partners with Feeding America of Tampa Bay to Distribute Meals 150498042009/09/17
Georgia Readies as Irma Churns Toward U.S. 150497730009/09/17
Bringing Light to Those Suffering from Hurricane Harvey 150490800009/08/17
The Salvation Army ALM Serving on Two Fronts, Waiting for Irma 150490434009/08/17
The Salvation Army of Florida Activates All Units as Irma Threatens the State 150489750009/08/17
General Andre Cox Visits Houston in Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey 150489336009/08/17
Texas Response Continues as General Andre Cox Visits Houston 150489204009/08/17
Camp Hope and The Salvation Army in Port Aransas, Texas 150488376009/08/17
Hometown Football Star Vince Young, WWE's Mark Henry, Visit Harvey Survivors 150479514009/07/17
Are You Ready For Hurricane Season? 150475680009/07/17
Off-Road Vehicles Assist Disaster Relief Efforts 150474354009/06/17
Florida Disaster Services Team Returns Home in Advance of Hurricane Irma 150472728009/06/17
Social Media Connects Hurricane Survivors and Relief Aid in Houston 150471678009/06/17
Salvation Army Harvey Update for Houston for Wednesday 150471612009/06/17
Giving Back and Doing Good in Victoria, Texas 150471426009/06/17
"Thank you. This is a God-send" 150470124009/06/17
Coach - We Want to Help! 150466890009/05/17
International SATERN Net Activates For Hurricane Irma 150466830009/05/17
The Salvation Army of the Carolinas Closely Monitoring Hurricane Irma 150465348009/05/17
Salvation Army Continues to Serve through Labor Day Weekend 150465090009/05/17
The Salvation Army of Florida prepares as Hurricane Irma Intensifies 150464310009/05/17
Arkansas-Oklahoma Sends Personnel and Equipment to Assist Texas 150458382009/04/17
Salvation Army Continues to Serve Houston after Harvey 150456768009/04/17
Statewide Salvation Army Relief Efforts Increase Over Holiday Weekend in Texas 150455958009/04/17
'Signs of Hope' in Port Lavaca, Texas after Hurricane Harvey 150455904009/04/17
The Salvation Army Stands Strong in Victoria 150453966009/04/17
The Salvation Army Providing Relief in Golden Triangle as Flooding Recedes 150446826009/03/17
Salvation Army Harvey Update for Sunday, Sept 3 150446466009/03/17
Mobile Feeding Service Ramps Up in Houston and Across Southeast Texas 150438810009/02/17
Dallas Cowboys Help Raise $2.3 Million for The Salvation Army Relief Efforts 150433674009/02/17
Joint effort from two Salvation Army Divisions means hope for SE Texas 150428040009/01/17
Salvation Army Officers Doing the Most Good as Evacuees Move into Louisiana 150427290009/01/17
Compassionate Care for Hurricane Harvey Survivors 150424332009/01/17
When I Saw You Pull In, I Knew There was Hope 150424140009/01/17
Lake Charles Officer Delivers Food to Residents Forced from Homes in SE Texas 150418926008/31/17
Salvation Army Mobile Kitchens Deliver a Hot Meal and Hope in Texas 150416028008/31/17
The Salvation Army of Georgia Canteens on the Way to Texas 150413298008/30/17
Deployed To Houston For Hurricane Harvey Relief 150411186008/30/17
"I Knew You'd Come" - Salvation Army Increases Relief Efforts in Texas 150408102008/30/17
The Salvation Army of Orlando Sends Mobile Feeding Unit to Texas 150401880008/29/17
The Salvation Army of Florida deploys canteens to Texas 150401796008/29/17
Salvation Army Expands Service as Teams Deploy to Accessible Areas of Texas 150401778008/29/17
Georgia Salvation Army Team Deploys to Victoria TX for Hurricane Harvey 150395070008/28/17
Emergency declaration for 5 LA parishes, Salvation Army ALM crews on standby 150394956008/28/17
The Salvation Army Responding to Catastrophic Flooding in Southeast Texas 150389778008/28/17
The Salvation Army of Florida Sends Equipment and Personnel to Texas 150385830008/27/17
Salvation Army Disaster Service Begins After Harvey Landfall in Texas 150381144008/27/17
The Salvation Army in Louisiana, Mississippi standing by if Harvey moves east 150377052008/26/17
Salvation Army Staged For Deployment as Hurricane Harvey Makes Landfall 150371700008/25/17
Salvation Army Units on Standby Across Texas as Hurricane Harvey Approaches 150361032008/24/17
Texas Salvation Army Ready and Prepared to Respond to Tropical Storm Harvey 150352218008/23/17
With TD Harvey Reforming in Gulf of Mexico, ALM Canteens on Standby 150352068008/23/17
Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Team Responds to Lolo Peak Wildfire 150335334008/21/17
The Salvation Army Called in for FEMA Training Exercise Near Santa Fe 150300984008/17/17
SATERN Activates National Amateur Radio Network For Solar Eclipse 150298506008/17/17
SATERN Activates National Amateur Radio Network For Solar Eclipse 150298506008/17/17
Empire State Division Responds to Missing Person Search in Catskill Mountains 150213684008/07/17
Empire Division 27 days into response across 20 counties in New York State 150213684008/07/17
SATERN Releases Activation Protocol For A Forecasted Busy 2017 Hurricane Season 150187836008/04/17
The Salvation Army Responds to Dangerous San Francisco Standoff 150152238007/31/17
Tampa Bay Salvation Army is Monitoring Tropical Storm Emily and Ready to Deploy 150151110007/31/17
Greater New York Corps Open Cooling Centers 150116958007/27/17
Empire Division 27 days Into Response across 20 counties in New York State 150116232007/27/17
The Salvation Army Provides Update on Services Provided to Marco Polo Condo Fire 150112122007/26/17
Salvation Army & Lake County Create Multi-Agency Resource Center After Flooding 150065796007/21/17
The Salvation Army Midland Division Opens Cooling Centers in MO and IL 150047208007/19/17
Salvation Army Enters Second Week of Feeding After Military Plane Crash 150031266007/17/17
The Salvation Army offers assistance to Marco Polo residents following fire 150017292007/15/17
EDS Provides Vital Relief for Those Affected by the Goodwin Fire 150006468007/14/17
Partnership Feeding Personnel at MS Plane Crash Site Continuing into Next Week 150004986007/14/17
Salvation Army Teams Continue Response to Lake County, Ill. Flooding 150000480007/14/17
The Salvation Army of Canada Responds to Wildfires In British Columbia 149995332007/13/17
Empire State Division Continues Flood Response across Upstate New York 149994822007/13/17
The Salvation Army Serves 200 Meals, Supports Responders Following Plane Crash 149980764007/11/17
The Salvation Army Serving Following Military Plane Crash in Mississippi 149978454007/11/17
The Salvation Army to serve meals at the Butte County evacuation center 149948502007/07/17
Empire Division EDS Teams Respond to Major Flash Flooding 149920788007/04/17
The Salvation Army on Stand-by and ready to respond to Lightner Creek Fire 149876412006/29/17
The Salvation Army Responds to Goodwin Fire 149862240006/28/17
Buffalo EDS assists 288 First Responders and Survivors at Apartment Complex Fire 149848002006/26/17
Birmingham Salvation Army Serving After Tornado from Remnants of Cindy 149817000006/22/17
Cindy Downgraded, The Salvation Army ALM Still Monitoring Need 149815476006/22/17
Cibecue Water Crisis Springs The Salvation Army Into Action 149810400006/22/17
Salvation Army in Texas Ready and Prepared to Respond to Tropical Storm Cindy 149809740006/21/17
The Salvation Army Ready As Tropical Storm Heads For Gulf Coast 149798238006/20/17
The Salvation Army Continues Long-Term Recovery in Georgia 149788704006/19/17
Care Continues for UPS Community Affected by Tragic San Francisco Shooting 149765412006/16/17
Volunteers Across Central Florida Serve Community for Pulse Commemorations 149754174006/15/17
Excessive Heat Warning Triggers Response by the Red Shield Survival Squad 149749920006/15/17
The Salvation Army Responds to Virginia Shooting 149747286006/14/17
The Salvation Army Responds to Deadly San Francisco Shooting 149746932006/14/17
Salvation Army Responds to Grenfell Tower Residence in London, England 149745948006/14/17
The Salvation Army to Activate Heat Relief Stations Across the Valley 149654880006/04/17
The Salvation Army & American Red Cross Serve Wis. Explosion Emergency Workers 149642310006/02/17
Ogdensburg EDS Team Participates in Airport FAA Disaster Exercise 149632626006/01/17
The Salvation Army Providing Meals After Storms in Gregg County, Texas 149626362005/31/17
Salvation Army Responding to Tornado Damage in Statesville North Carolina 149572560005/25/17
Tornado Survivor: With Anything Bad That Happens, Something Good Will Come Of It 149565078005/24/17
Buffalo EDS Team Responds to Two Alarm Fire 149563572005/24/17
Neighbors Helping Neighbors After Devastating Elk City, Oklahoma Tornado 149541132005/21/17
SATERN Founder Major Patrick McPherson Inducted Into Amateur Radio Hall of Fame 149540250005/21/17
Wisconsin Salvation Army Serves 1000th Meal in Chetek Since Tornado Touched Down 149529042005/20/17
Salvation Army Continues Response to Many Affected by Severe Weather in Oklahoma 149522904005/19/17
"I Always Wanted to be Part of Something Special" Chetek Survivor Recalls 149521596005/19/17
The Salvation Army Supports Fire Fighters at Tire Factory Fire in Bradenton, FL 149513736005/18/17
Wisconsin Salvation Army Continues to Serve in Aftermath of Chetek Tornado 149512014005/18/17
The Salvation Army Responds to Deadly Tornado in Elk City, Oklahoma 149505210005/17/17
Salvation Army Disaster Workers Respond to Chetek, Wisconsin Tornado 149504022005/17/17
The Salvation Army among Organizations at the Multi Agency Resource Centers 149452398005/11/17
The Salvation Army Responds to Call to Help West Mims Firefighters 149443998005/10/17
The Salvation Army Support Residents and Volunteers Removing Sandbags in Fenton 149417676005/07/17
The Salvation Army Response to the 2017 Spring Floods in Missouri 149402220005/05/17
The Salvation Army Mobilizes Canteens in Valley Park, MO and Arnold, MO 149402112005/05/17
The Salvation Army Responds to Severe Weather in Rockingham County, NC 149400624005/05/17
Branson Salvation Army Supporting Flood Relief Efforts 149383482005/03/17
The Salvation Army Assisting Sandbagging Efforts in Valley Park, MO 149383464005/03/17
Arkansas-Oklahoma Provides Emotional Support to Search & Recovery 149367420005/01/17
Clean Up and Assessment Continues as Salvation Army Serves in East Texas 149361192005/01/17
Salvation Army Disaster Teams Respond to Tornadoes in Van Zandt County, Texas 149357190004/30/17
Service Unit Volunteers Support Local Response in Texas Panhandle 149244804004/17/17
The Salvation Army Responds to Oneonta Fire 149226654004/15/17
Tampa Bay Disaster Teams Respond to Massive Brush Fire 149161824004/07/17
SWONEKY Divisional EDS Participates in NWS Weather Spotter Course 149131404004/04/17
The Salvation Army of Georgia Deploys Disaster Teams After State Hit by Storms 149126814004/03/17
The Salvation Army of Atlanta Responds to I-85 Bridge Collapse 149097174003/31/17
The Salvation Army Responds to 3 Alarm Fire in Buffalo, NY 149096676003/31/17
Salvation Army Teams Begin Cyclone Debbie Response in Australia 149080212003/29/17
Columbus, MS Salvation Army Supporting Law Enforcement after Deputy Shot 149064498003/27/17
AEP Supports The Salvation Army's Emergency Preparations 149028024003/23/17
Emotional and Spiritual Care An Important Component of Disaster Response 148941684003/13/17
The Salvation Army Responds to Large Church Fire in Otsego County 148940904003/13/17
The Salvation Army Responds to Large Buffalo Apartment Fire 148924500003/11/17
The Salvation Army Responds to Western New York Wind Storm 148909392003/09/17
Salvation Army Support Continues in Support of Ongoing Wildfires 148908960003/09/17
Multiple Units Aid Northwestern Oklahoma Wildfire Responders 148901268003/08/17
Eastern Territory Holds EDS Directors Meeting 148858806003/03/17
Salvation Army Assistance Continues for Victims of Historic San Jose Floods 148831296002/28/17
Clean Up and Salvation Army Service Continues in San Antonio 148792164002/24/17
The Salvation Army Provides Comfort and Food to Evacuees of Modesto Flooding 148781634002/22/17
The Salvation Army Aids Those Affected by Major Flooding in San Jose 148779462002/22/17
San Antonio Storm Prompts Salvation Army Response 148765218002/20/17
Florida Salvation Army Personnel Provide Comfort During Polk County Wildfire 148753890002/19/17
The Salvation Army Aids Those Affected by Power Outages in Salinas 148730760002/17/17
Meals Assistance Continues for Those Affected by Oroville Dam Erosion 148709274002/14/17
Meal services extended to Nevada County for Oroville Dam evacuees 148700700002/13/17
Salvation Army Providing Meals For Evacuees Affected by Oroville Dam Erosion 148697298002/13/17
The Salvation Army Serving in 3 Locations After Tornado Outbreak Across South 148656942002/08/17
The Salvation Army Meeting Need After Tornado Outbreak in New Orleans 148650816002/07/17
The Salvation Army Aids Evacuees of San Francisco Chinatown Fire 148623504002/04/17
The Good Work in South Georgia Continues 148546932001/26/17
Serving South Georgia: Doing the Most Good Where It is Needed Most 148531704001/24/17
Devastating Storms Hit South Georgia 148520388001/23/17
Canteens Reaching Areas Under Served following Hattiesburg Tornado 148519134001/23/17
Feeding Increases as Clean-up Continues After Hattiesburg Tornado 148513296001/22/17
Hattiesburg Officers Focus Their Attention on Healing Community, Not Destruction 148513212001/22/17
Corps buildings damaged in Hattiesburg as Division prepares for more storms 148504386001/21/17
The Hattiesburg Salvation Army Damaged Extensively from Early Morning Tornado 148501332001/21/17
Oklahoma City: Shining Light into the Night 148373232001/06/17
The Salvation Army ALM providing warmth, place to stay as winter weather hits 148372500001/06/17
The Salvation Army ALM providing warmth, place to stay as winter weather hits 148372500001/06/17
Cincinnati EDS Responds to Early Morning Hospital Fire 148355802001/04/17
SATERN Participates In FEMA Communications Exercise 148319280012/31/16
Emergency Crew Serves Homeless in Cincinnati 148223898012/20/16
The Salvation Army Helps Fireman Battle Fire and Cold 148217292012/19/16
SATERN Strategic Plan Approved At Annual NDSC Meeting 148190526012/16/16
The Salvation Army Provides Water To Corpus Christi Following Contamination 148186512012/16/16
The Salvation Army Provides Support Following Americus Shooting 148123080012/08/16
The Salvation Army Responds to 10 Alarm Cambridge, MA Fire 148096524012/05/16
Salvation Army Provides Vital Emotional And Spiritual Care to Wildfire Survivors 148055910011/30/16
More Than 800 Meals Served In Response To Storms in Polk and McMinn Counties 148055190011/30/16
The Salvation Army Serving Alabama Communities Devastated by Overnight Tornadoes 148052610011/30/16
Salvation Army Serving After Tornadoes Moved Through TN Valley 148052142011/30/16
Salvation Army Responds After Tornadoes in South-Central Tennessee 148051626011/30/16
The Salvation Army assisting relief efforts in Sevier County following wildfires 148046658011/29/16
The Salvation Army responds to large Thanksgiving Day Fire in Upstate New York 148042980011/29/16
Salvation Army Responds After Gas Explosion In Canton, Ill. 147940176011/17/16
The Salvation Army Assists With Relief to Local Fire Fighters 147914478011/14/16
The Salvation Army responds to Large Industrial Fire in Lackawanna, New York 147887538011/11/16
The Salvation Army of the Carolinas: Always There 147820308011/03/16
Volunteer Team from Granbury, TX Serves on Front Lines 147802368011/01/16
Salvation Army Carolinas: Our Work Continues after Hurricane Matthew 147768816010/28/16
Moving on After Hurricane Matthew: How to Apply for Disaster Assistance 147742518010/25/16
Salvation Army Continues Support to the Carolinas after Hurricane Matthew 147733164010/24/16
October 2015 South Carolina Floods: Salvation Army Response and Recovery 147715050010/22/16
Three More Salvationists Earn Professional Emergency Management Certification 147714624010/22/16
EDS Teams Support Flooding in Central PA 147707802010/21/16
SATERN Represented At International Amateur Radio Union in Chile 147706956010/21/16
Salvation Army Emotional and Spiritual Care Officers Offer Peace and Hope 147680838010/18/16
The people of Beaufort empower The Salvation Army to serve after Matthew 147672462010/17/16
Salvation Army Providing Hope in the Carolinas 147665040010/16/16
The Salvation Army in Orangeburg: It's not THAT we serve, it's HOW we serve 147648084010/14/16
Faith in the Face of the Storm: The Salvation Army in Savannah 147645540010/14/16
Why Does The Salvation Army Provide Food and Water in a Disaster? 147639780010/13/16
Brunswick: A Bottle of Water and an Encouraging Word 147635952010/13/16
The Salvation Army At Its Best: Hurricane Relief in Savannah 147630846010/12/16
Stories from the Frontline in North and South Carolina 147630162010/12/16
We Made the Call, They Came Running to Help 147627714010/12/16
The Salvation Army in Saint Augustine Brings Hope to Local Business Owners 147622230010/11/16
Blessings Provided with a Hot Dog and A Prayer in Brunswick 147622092010/11/16
Working Together: Salvation Army and Partners Serve the Community 147621708010/11/16
Savannah GA Hurricane Relief Update from Captain Chris Powell - video interview 147621516010/11/16
The Salvation Army is Doing the Most Good in Savannah - video interview 147621072010/11/16
Joy in the Midst of the Storm: The Salvation Army in Savannah 147619170010/11/16
Compassion and coffee: Salvation Army serves Floridians still without power 147613794010/10/16
Salvation Army and Georgia National Guard Partner in Glynn County 147613716010/10/16
The Salvation Army On the Front Line as Savannah Returns to Rebuild 147613518010/10/16
Salvation Army Serves a Birthday Lunch in Brunswick After Hurricane Matthew 147613494010/10/16
The Salvation Army Serves Brunswick, Georgia In Wake of Hurricane Matthew 147613428010/10/16
An Update on Feeding Efforts in the Carolinas 147612252010/10/16
Hurricane Matthew Response in the Carolinas: God Goes Well Before Us 147611544010/10/16
Salvation Army Carolinas Monitoring NC Flooding, Responding to Matthew 147611310010/10/16
Whistle While You Work: Florida Resident Happily Volunteers In Bunnell 147610398010/10/16
The Salvation Army of Georgia Responds to Hurricane Matthew 147605574010/09/16
More Than A Meal: Salvation Army Services Extend Along Florida's East Coast 147604212010/09/16
Salvation Army of the Carolinas Responding to Matthew in Two State Operations 147603804010/09/16
Finding Hope After the Storm: Family Finds Comfort in The Salvation Army 147595926010/08/16
Coastal Teams from Salvation Army Carolinas Hunkered Down, Continuing to Serve 147593736010/08/16
More than 12,000 Meals Already Served in Wake of Hurricane Matthew 147593598010/08/16
The Salvation Army Carolinas Mobilizes Teams Ahead of Matthew 147587274010/07/16
Volusia County, Florida: Salvation Army meeting needs despite weather 147586980010/07/16
SATERN Monitors For Emergency Messages and Deploys Communications Trailer 147586200010/07/16
Quentin Nelson, WA4BZY, Former SATERN Health & Welfare Coordinator Is Silent Key 147586068010/07/16
Carolinas Incident Management Team Gathers for Hurricane Matthew Preparation 147579096010/06/16
Salvation Army of Florida, Georgia & Carolinas Responding to Hurricane Matthew 147578838010/06/16
The Salvation Army of Florida Prepares to Serve 100,000 Meals 147578286010/06/16
The Salvation Army of Georgia Prepares for Hurricane Matthew 147577272010/06/16
Tampa Bay Salvation Army Prepared and Serving as Hurricane Matthew Bears Down 147576120010/06/16
USA Southern Territory Prepares for Hurricane Matthew 147570738010/05/16
The Salvation Army of the Carolinas Serving Ahead of Hurricane Matthew 147570438010/05/16
The Salvation Army of Florida Prepares as Hurricane Matthew Strengthens 147569070010/05/16
The Salvation Army in Haiti Assesses Damage Caused by Hurricane Matthew 147568860010/05/16
The Salvation Army in South Florida readies for Hurricane Matthew 147559560010/04/16
The Salvation Army Prepares for Hurricane Matthew in Haiti and Jamaica 147552042010/03/16
SATERN Activated For Hurricane Matthew 147551580010/03/16
The Salvation Army Monitoring Hurricane Matthew 147551004010/03/16
The Salvation Army of the Carolinas Monitoring Hurricane Matthew 147551004010/03/16
SATERN And Amateur Radio Partners Respond To Threat of Hurricane Matthew 147543042010/02/16
SATERN Activation Planned For Hurricane Matthew 147532440010/01/16
The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services Responds to Hoboken Train Crash 147517806009/29/16
Salvation Army Relief Efforts Underway After Heavy Rains & Flooding Across Iowa 147481260009/25/16
The Salvation Army Responding to Flooding in Bertie County, North Carolina 147475338009/24/16
Remembering Katrina, Corps of Engineers Give Generously to Baton Rouge 147457812009/22/16
Salvation Army Transitions From Emergency Response to Recovery in Louisiana 147448944009/21/16
Salvation Army of Carolinas Monitoring Tropical Storm Julia 147387168009/14/16
SWONEKY Divisional Commanders Recount Time at Ground Zero 147381876009/13/16
The Salvation Army Remembers September 11, 2001 147360228009/11/16
The Salvation Army Assists Flood Survivors in Breaux Bridge & St. Martinville LA 147354534009/10/16
The Salvation Army Helps Those that Need it the Most 147352752009/10/16
The Salvation Army Deploys Shower Unit to DeSoto County, Florida 147344736009/09/16
Country Music Star Aaron Lewis Performs for The Salvation Army of Lafayette 147327282009/07/16
Woman Finds Beauty and Hope in Light of Historic Flooding 147326160009/07/16
Second Harvest of the Big Bend Offers Key Resources to Salvation Army Relief 147318402009/06/16
Daily Meals Served by Salvation Army Increases as Recovery Efforts Continue 147311202009/05/16
Sanderson Farms, Inc. Donates Over 50,000 Pounds of Ice in Baton Rouge 147310758009/05/16
Texas Family Serves Together at The Salvation Army in Baton Rouge 147302670009/04/16
UPS and Salvation Army Partner To Help Florida Residents Begin Recovery Efforts 147301296009/04/16
The Salvation Army Serving Hardest Hit Areas Across Florida Gulf Coast 147292764009/03/16
The Salvation Army's Ministry of Presence in Disaster Response 147290424009/03/16
Baltimore Ravens RB, Justin Forsett, visits Baton Rouge Distribution Center 147285324009/02/16
As Hurricane Hermine Rolls North, Salvation Army Responds With 13 Canteens 147283392009/02/16
The Salvation Army of the Carolinas Closely Monitoring Hurricane Hermine 147276156009/01/16
The Salvation Army Responds to Severe Flooding in Western Pennsylvania 147275940009/01/16
Salvation Army in Florida prepared to deploy resources to the Panhandle 147275814009/01/16
The Salvation Army of Georgia Prepares for Tropical Storm Hermine 147275574009/01/16
The Salvation Army Preparing for Response to Tropical Storm Hermine 147274416009/01/16
The Salvation Army ready to respond to Hurricane Madeline and Hurricane Lester 147267930008/31/16
Dillard's Donation Makes a Difference in Baton Rouge 147267900008/31/16
The Salvation Army in the Florida Panhandle readies for Tropical Storm Hermine 147267006008/31/16
Salvation Army & Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank Rebuild Together in Baton Rouge 147265398008/31/16
Salvation Army of Cincinnati Ohio Responds to Record Flooding 147265080008/31/16
AmeriCorps' Serves Relentlessly with The Salvation Army in Baton Rouge, LA 147261600008/31/16
Operation Teddy Bear Gives The Salvation Army Chance to Help the Least of These 147258750008/30/16
Salvation Army Continues to Serve Storm Affected Families in Kokomo, Ind. Area 147257322008/30/16
UPS Employees Deliver Two Truck Loads of Supplies for Flood Relief 147257058008/30/16
Tropical Depression 9 Enters Gulf - Tampa Bay Salvation Army Prepared to Respond 147249762008/29/16
Gift from The Walmart Foundation boosts Salvation Army's efforts in Baton Rouge 147247758008/29/16
Verizon Partners with The Salvation Army in Historic Flooding 147241050008/28/16
Hundreds Turn Out for Lafayette's Community Assistance Day 147233856008/27/16
"I Serve Because I Was Served:" 9/11 Worker Becomes Volunteer in Louisiana 147232194008/27/16
Sqwincher Donation Benefits Salvation Army Flood Relief Effort 147232110008/27/16
Fruit of the Loom Makes Donation to The Salvation Army for Flood Relief 147232062008/27/16
Walmart Foundation donates $30,000 for the Clayton Fire Recovery 147216060008/25/16
Salvation Army Responds To Multiple Tornadoes in Kokomo, Indiana Area 147215394008/25/16
One Question Inspires Mississippi Town To Help Flood Survivors 147206364008/24/16
Lafayette Salvation Army Gears Up for Increased Disaster Assistance 147205452008/24/16
Tim's Story - Homeless but Helping Others as a Salvation Army Volunteer 147183930008/22/16
Salvation Army Continues to Support Evacuees of Bluecut Fire 147172836008/20/16
Salvation Army Extends Meal Services to Repopulated Areas of Lower Lake 147163290008/19/16
Father, son team delivers food and hope in Baton Rouge flood 147162426008/19/16
Volunteers Arrive as Salvation Army Starts Handing Out Supplies 147156054008/18/16
The Salvation Army in Puerto Rico Assists Coast Guard with Ferry Rescue 147153876008/18/16
Salvation Army Responds to Bluecut Fire in San Bernardino County 147149280008/18/16
Training Day Turns into Serving Day for MS Officers, other volunteers 147148740008/17/16
Baton Rouge Officers Show Courage Through the storm 147148050008/17/16
The Salvation Army feeds 3,000 as canteens enter impacted areas 147144900008/17/16
Loaned by MS Baptists, Truck Driver Becomes Blessing to Salvation Army 147144048008/17/16
The Salvation Army Begins Feeding in Communities as Flood Water Slowly Drops 147143904008/17/16
The Salvation Army Responding to Those in Need in Louisiana 147131994008/15/16
Salvation Army organizing mass feeding for Baton Rouge following historic flood 147129456008/15/16
Despite Flooding at Baton Rouge Facilities, Salvation Army Ready To Respond 147111840008/13/16
Salvation Army Assists in Search and Rescue in Sebastian County, Arkansas 147109776008/13/16
The Salvation Army responds to Large Industrial Fire in City of Lockport 147093348008/11/16
The Salvation Army Assists at St. Lawrence County Wild Fire 147083652008/10/16
Salvation Army Provides Assistance At Roaring Lion Wildfire In Montana 147078318008/09/16
SATERN Activated At DELTA II Status For Hurricane Earl 147032622008/04/16
The Salvation Army ready to respond to Tropical Storm Darby in Hawaii 146913816007/21/16
The Salvation Army Assists the City of Cleveland During RNC 146889300007/18/16
The Salvation Army Responds to Charleston, SC Warehouse Fire 146886360007/18/16
The Salvation Army Continues Recovery & Relief Efforts Following Iowa Tornado 146872800007/17/16
The General Calls for Prayer After France Terror Attack 146859828007/15/16
The Salvation Army delivers cleanup kits to flooded areas of Minnesota 146859264007/15/16
The Salvation Army Responds to Colorado Fires 146826648007/11/16
Salvation Army Response Shifts to Emergency Assistance in West Virginia 146826390007/11/16
Disaster Response Team Responds to Flooding in Stewart County, TN 146815434007/10/16
The Salvation Army Serves With Partners in West Virginia 146809782007/09/16
The Salvation Army Provides Support Following Downtown Dallas Shooting 146799120007/08/16
Salvation Army Transitions into Recovery in West Virginia 146790750007/07/16
West Virginia Flood - Volunteers Are the Hearts & Hands of The Salvation Army 146775210007/05/16
The Salvation Army Continues Support to West Virginia 146764668007/04/16
Salvation Army Support Continues in California at Erskine Fire 146755698007/03/16
Emotional and Spiritual Care in the Wake of the West Virginia Floods 146755266007/03/16
West Virginia Communities Unite in Wake of Disaster 146734560007/01/16
The Salvation Army Offers Ongoing Care to Erskine Fire Survivors 146732556006/30/16
Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia Visits First Responders in Clendenin, WV 146731734006/30/16
Answered Prayers in West Virginia 146730696006/30/16
Florida Governor Rick Scott honors Salvation Army volunteers 146723166006/29/16
Salvation Army Helps Neighbor Help Neighbors 146721462006/29/16
The Salvation Army Continues to Support Evacuees of Erskine Fire 146706798006/27/16
Salvation Army and Partners Serve West Virginia Flood Survivors 146705034006/27/16
Salvation Army Mobilizes After Historic West Virginia Flooding 146687136006/25/16
California Salvation Army Responds to Erskine Fire 146680068006/24/16
Exceptional Service Award Presented Posthumously To SATERN Founder's Family 146677374006/24/16
Salvation Army Provides Long-Term Care After Tropical Storm Colin 146670108006/23/16
Decatur Corps supporting rescue personnel in search for 17 year old kayaker 146662818006/22/16
SAVE THE DATE: Texas Disaster Training 7/15-16 146644494006/20/16
Salvation Army Expands Services to Families & Responders of Orlando Tragedy 146599872006/15/16
Salvation Army Partners with Local Restaurants Serving in Orlando Tragedy 146582112006/13/16
Salvation Army Responds to Tragedy in Orlando 146574516006/12/16
The Salvation Army assists search and rescue efforts in Delaware County, NY 146558436006/10/16
The Salvation Army Serves Residents Impacted by Tropical Storm Colin 146556618006/10/16
As Flooding Recedes, Partners Provide Support to Salvation Army in Texas 146544204006/08/16
Tampa Bay Salvation Army On Standby and Ready to Serve 146522166006/06/16
Jackson Salvation Army Assisting Rescuers After Tragic Gravel Pit Collapse 146500122006/03/16
The Salvation Army Responds to Suspected Car Bomb 146481360006/01/16
Multiple County Response Ongoing For The Salvation Army in Texas 146480682006/01/16
Salvation Army Teams Respond to Memorial Weekend Storms in Texas 146458392005/30/16
The Salvation Army of the Carolinas Monitoring Disturbance in the Atlantic 146438016005/27/16
The Salvation Army ready to respond to 2016 Central Pacific Hurricanes 146431692005/26/16
Salvation Army Provides EDS Services at Kauai plane crash site 146406348005/24/16
Silent Key: SATERN Founder Pat McPherson, WW9E, Promoted to Glory 146332098005/15/16
Corpus Christi Volunteers Support Long Term Recovery Efforts 146328462005/14/16
The Salvation Army Participates with Multi Agency Resource Center 146308548005/12/16
Salvation Army Prepared to Respond in the Face of Severe Weather 146292330005/10/16
Salvation Army Canada Responds to Catastrophic Alberta Wildfires 146281368005/09/16
Ongoing Response Transitions to Long Term Recovery in Texas 146265744005/07/16
Donation of Radio Equipment to Support Salvation Army Disaster Services 146179152004/27/16
The Salvation Army of Arkansas and Oklahoma Prepared to Respond 146168664004/26/16
Doing The Most Good by Joining Forces 146162772004/25/16
Response Operations Continue in Pike County Ohio 146152746004/24/16
The Salvation Army Responds to Pike County, Ohio following Mass Shooting 146139396004/23/16
Salvation Army Teams Work Together in Houston Relief Effort 146122026004/21/16
Flooded Houston Residents Receive Assistance From the Salvation Army 146113434004/20/16
The Salvation Army Prepares to Respond to Overnight Houston Floods 146101062004/18/16
The Salvation Army meeting needs in NE MS after storm damages homes, topples trees 145963260004/02/16
Salvation Army Provides Relief to Residents, Responders in NE Oklahoma 145954428004/01/16
Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services Continues After March 30 Tornado 145943634003/31/16
Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services Respond to Those Affected by NE Oklahoma Tornado 145939896003/31/16
Spending Spring Break Serving Southeast Texas Flood Survivors 145892346003/25/16
The Salvation Army continues relief efforts in MS and LA as the area prepares for more severe weather 145883808003/24/16
Southeast Texas Flood Evacuees Overwhelmed by The Salvation Army's Support 145860552003/21/16
The Salvation Army Continues to Provide Relief in Flooded Regions of Southeast Texas 145840098003/19/16
Record Floods Prompt Salvation Army Response in South East Texas 145828068003/18/16
The Salvation Army Serves Up Hope for Flood Victims in Northwest Louisiana 145824792003/17/16
Swoneky Division Responds to Gas Line Rupture 145818720003/17/16
As Flood Waters Rise in South East Texas Salvation Army Expands Service 145809330003/15/16
Flood waters falling in North, rising to the south, Salvation Army prepared to help across LA and MS 145807392003/15/16
The Salvation Army Begins Transition to Recovery, Still Meeting Needs Across LA and MS 145800912003/14/16
Salvation Army Volunteers Responding to East Texas Flooding 145793076003/14/16
The Salvation Army activates three more local corps to help meet the needs of flood survivors in MS and LA 145782798003/12/16
The Salvation Army increasing presence and supplies in areas impacted by flood waters 145775208003/11/16
Food, Drinks & Clean-up Supplies in route to Monroe, LA, to Aid Flood Survivors 145770918003/11/16
Salvation Army Mobilizes in Louisiana to Help Flood Survivors 145766424003/10/16
The Salvation Army of Northwest Louisiana helping flood victims in Shreveport-Bossier 145765062003/10/16
Salvation Army Responds to Tornado Devastation in Waverly, VA 145653558002/26/16
New Orleans Command brings water, meals, and comfort following EF2 tornado in LaPlace 145652538002/26/16
The Salvation Army Provides Support to Hesston, Kansas in Light of Tragic Shooting 145652418002/26/16
The Salvation Army Keeps Hope Alive Despite Devastating Tornado 145649952002/26/16
First Time Volunteer Makes a Difference in Tornado 145649592002/26/16
Salvation Army Helps With Pensacola Tornado Recovery 145641540002/25/16
The Salvation Army responds to devastated RV park in Convent, Louisiana 145632978002/24/16
Salvation Army & Coca Cola Partner in Pensacola Tornado Relief 145632024002/24/16
New Eastern Territory SATERN Coordinator Appointed 145584042002/18/16
Salvation Army Feeds Law Enforcement During Visit of Pope Francis to Mexico 145577052002/17/16
Getting Ready for Severe Storms & Tornadoes 145438920002/02/16
The Salvation Army Expands Support for Flint, Michigan Water Crisis 145347540001/22/16
Getting Ready for Winter Storms & Extreme Cold 145335240001/21/16
Long Term Recovery Becomes Focus of Salvation Army North Texas Response 145230228001/08/16
Salvation Army's Holiday Storm Response Continues In Arkansas & Oklahoma 145220604001/07/16
Catering Trucks and UTVs Key to Salvation Army Tornado Response 145205730001/06/16
Midwest Food Bank & UPS Come Through for Salvation Army in Texas 145192380001/04/16
Salvation Army Service Transitions to Include Emergency Financial Assistance 145171494001/02/16
The Salvation Army is Active in Flood Relief Efforts Across the Region 145157352012/31/15
Corporate Partners Support The Salvation Army Relief Efforts in Texas 145154322012/31/15
Arkansas & Oklahoma Salvation Army Responds to Winter Weather and Flooding 145152276012/30/15
Salvation Army Response Efforts Continue Following Texas Tornadoes 145145454012/30/15
Salvation Army Provides Clean Up Kits & Refreshment to Texas Storm Survivors 145128018012/28/15
Christmas Storms Prompt Salvation Army Response Across North Texas 145119240012/27/15
The Salvation Army Disaster Services Is Always There - Even on Christmas Eve! 145098816012/24/15
The Salvation Army Responds To Tornado Outbreak in Northern Mississippi 145093218012/23/15
Salvation Army offers comfort to a shaken San Bernardino community 144919200012/03/15
Red Kettle Campaign and Disaster Response All in a Day's Work 144901488012/01/15
Salvation Army Response Continues After Mobile Feeding Kitchens Roll Away 144682956011/06/15
Salvation Army Participates in Stillwater Care and Community Resource Center 144652194011/02/15
Practical Assistance Continues Following Texas Storms 144643872011/01/15
Central Texas Flooding and Storms Prompt Salvation Army Response 144623616010/30/15
New National SATERN Liaison Appointed by National Headquarters 144614208010/29/15
Officers and volunteers en route to affected areas in Mexico Coast 144587442010/26/15

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The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church. Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is motivated by the love of God. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination.
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