Blythe-Bower Elementary School Partnering With The Salvation Army To Serve Neighbors

May 14, 2011 - 5:18 PM EDT
Kimberly George
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Cleveland, TN - May 15, 2011 - A lot more than reading books and solving arithmetic problems is being taught at Blythe-Bower Elementary School. The students are learning what it means to make a difference. 
Instead of celebrating the school's annual Spring Carnival, the faculty and students decided to cancel it and use the funds which were allocated for the event to aid in the relief efforts for the victims of the devastating tornado storms.
Principal Kelly Kiser is pleased with how well the Blythe-Bower family has united in collecting donations to contribute to the effort of restoration to the Cleveland/Bradley area. More than $1600, much of it coming from piggy banks and under couch cushions, was raised totaling 900 pounds of coins. 
According to Kiser a portion of the money will be sent to help with relief in Japan which was the initial goal of the school's "Do Something Challenge." In addition to the original goal, technology equipment was planned to be purchased.
"When the crisis happened here, we decided to give half of the money to the original goal and half to The Salvation Army," said Kiser. "We made the decision that with the tornados and the storms affecting our community it was more important to donate to the families who lost homes instead of buying computers." 
In the true spirit of giving, a fifth grade student reached deep in his pocket, when Kiser presented a check to The Salvation Army's administrator Ruthie Forgey. The student pulled out four quarters and said, "Here, can this help more?" 
"It was a great gesture on the kid's part," said Kiser. "It's great to know that although we receive a lot from the community they are willing to give back. Just as the young man who reached in his pocket to shows what kind of heart they have for giving." 
"We appreciate them so much," Forgey said. "The money will be used to help families with children who lost shoes, socks even their toothpaste from the recent storm."
Forgey said the considerable and valuable support given to the Salvation Army has enabled them to carry out their mission of "doing the most good" to families in need. 
The Salvation Army continues to meet the needs of the community by providing emotional, physical, and spiritual support. 
Monetary donations for the relief efforts can be sent by calling (800)-Sal-Army (725-2769)or by texting the word "GIVE" to 80888 where a $10 donation will appear on your phone bill. To stay current on the relief efforts and current needs, follow The Salvation Army at or
Contact: Melissa Snyder at 423-308-3467