Emergency Shower Trailer Deployed in Jackson Mississippi

April 20, 2014 - 12:42 AM EDT
ALM Divisional EDS Department
(601) 969-6868
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Emergency Shower Trailer Deployed in Jackson Mississippi

Jackson, MS (04/19/2014) - Salvation Army Emergency disaster services personnel spent Saturday evening delivering and setting up the division’s emergency shower trailer at the Salvation Army shelter in Jackson Mississippi. 

A representative from the Jackson Corps contacted the EDS department late Saturday and requested the unit be delivered to the shelter.  The shower unit was needed to make sure that the men, women, and children from the location had hot water for showers.  The water system at Jackson’s Center of Hope shelter broke this past week, and the only water that the residents of the shelter could get was cold.  The local Salvation Army administrator, Capt. Ken Chapman stated, “The Salvation Army has made a commitment to help the residents turn their lives around, and we will do what it takes to keep our word.” 

The ALM Emergency Shower trailer is a mobile unit with 6 separate and private shower stalls.  With its large flash heaters, and constant access to the water at The Center of Hope, the shower unit will have no problem delivering hot water to the more than 80 residents at the shelter.  According to Thad Hicks, Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services Director, "Easter is a big holiday and everyone wants to look their best.”  Hicks added, “The EDS department is pleased that we could play a part in making this very special holiday a little better for someone.”

The new hot water heater will be installed the first part of the week but until then, residents will continue to use the Emergency shower trailer parked at the rear of The Center of Hope.  For more information on The Salvation Army’s Emergency Disaster Services work, and how you might be able to help, please go to www.disaster.salvationarmyusa.org.