The Salvation Army Responds To Wallow Fire In Arizona

June 07, 2011 - 12:00 AM EDT

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Phoenix, AZ - June 7, 2011 - The Salvation Army is providing meals at the Red Cross shelter located at Blue Ridge High School in Lakeside, AZ. The White Mountain Outpost's mobile kitchen is preparing three meals a day for the Wallow Fire evacuees.

"The Salvation Army will continue to offer services to evacuees as long as the shelter is in operation. Other units are on standby to deploy if the Wallow Fire forces more cities to evacuate," stated Jim Puza, Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Director.

Currently, the shelter is housing around 20 people at night. With additional evacuations of Egar and possibly Springerville, about 900 people will be needing shelter.

"This fire will continue for weeks," said Puza.

Tuesday, the Amerian Peaks Lodge evacuated their premises due to the proximately of the fire. As a result, the restaurant graciously donated their perishable foods to The Salvation Army disaster services, an in-kind donation of more than $5,000. Thanks to this wonderful donation, The Salvation Army was able to provide a non-traditional steak and shrimp meal.

At this point, residential loss is still minimal. The Salvation Army has no unmet needs at this time.

"The locals are coming out in droves to assist evacuees and help us however we need," said David Sherman, who is in charge of The Salvation Army in the White Mountain area. "Our needs are covered for now."