St. Mary's Glacier Community Receives Emergency Water Delivery

April 25, 2014 - 11:48 AM EDT
Courtney Culpepper
(303) 860-5460
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DENVER, CO (April 24, 2014) –  Earlier this evening, Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services personnel responded to a request for assistance from Clear Creek County regarding the clean water emergency in the St. Mary’s Glacier community. 

Tomorrow morning, a Salvation Army team will prepare and load pallets of clean water, delivering approximately 800 gallon-jugs to support area residents.  The delivery is expected to arrive at Silver Lake Condominiums, the community’s current supply staging area, around 12:00PM (MST) on Friday, April 25.

The Salvation Army recently completed a clean water collaboration in Jamestown, CO that provided more than twenty families impacted by last September’s Colorado floods with 1,650-gallon water cisterns.  Sherry Manson, The Salvation Army’s Emergency Disaster Services Director, worked closely on the Jamestown project and spoke about the current situation in St. Mary’s Glacier:  “ Working directly with those impacted by the loss of clean water, you see just how vital water is to even the smallest, everyday actions.  The Salvation Army is so glad that we can provide some comfort to the residents of St. Mary’s Glacier as the town works to restore its water wells.”