Course Catalog

The Salvation Army offers a full curriculum of certified disaster training courses, including classes provided in partnership with other organizations, such as the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, Medic First Aid International, and the National Restaurant Association.

Course IDClass NameDifficultyHours
ICISFIndividual Crisis Intervention and Peer SupportAdvanced13
SA-120Foundations of Emotional and Spiritual CareBasic4
SA-200Incident Command SystemIntermediate8
SA-161Preparing Your Congregation for DisasterBasic8
SA-400Train the TrainerAdvanced16
SA-351Disaster Social ServicesAdvanced8
MEDICPediatric CPR and First Aid for Children, Infants, and Adults Basic6
MEDICOxygen First Aid for Emergencies SupplementBasic2
SA-360Planning SectionAdvanced8
SA-151Emergency Assistance in Disaster OperationsBasic8
SA-270Volunteer ManagementIntermediate8
SA-330Liaison OfficerAdvanced8
MEDICPediatricPlus CPR AED & First Aid for Children, Infants & AdultsBasic6
DSCLS-206APsychological First Aid: Helping Others in Times of StressBasic4
ICISFAdvanced Group Crisis InterventionAdvanced14
ICISFGroup Crisis InterventionIntermediate13
ICISFPastoral Crisis InterventionIntermediate13
ICISFSuicide Prevention Intervention & PostventionIntermediate14
MEDICBasicPlus (CPR, AED, and First Aid for Adults)Basic6
MEDICCarePlus CPR & AED for Adults, Children & InfantsBasic
NRAEFServSafe® ManagerAdvanced16
POLVolunteer Reception CenterBasic8
SA-160Preparing TogetherBasic4
ICISFGrief Following TraumaIntermediate14
SA-130Community And GovernmentBasic4
SA-121Ministry of PresenceBasic4
ICISFCompassion FatigueAdvanced14
ICISFStress Management for the Trauma Service Provider Basic
ICISFPastoral Crisis Intervention II Basic13
HFFRHydration For First Responders/Fire Ground BasicBasic8
SA-CENDisaster Operations CENTRALAdvanced8
SPFA TTTSpiritual and Psychological First Aid Train The TrainerAdvanced18
HFGHydration_Fire GroundBasic8
SRTCStrategic Response to Crisis Intermediate14
SA-133Liaison 1: Understanding Emergency Management & Whole CommunityBasic8
USCSFHSafe From HarmBasic4
SFH.1Safe From Harm - Level 1Basic2
SA-CENDisaster Case Management In Long Term RecoveryBasic8
EOFESCEssentials of Emotional and Spiritual CareBasic8
NRAEFServSafe® Handler (5th Edition)Basic4
ES34-TTTTrainer - Emotional and Spiritual Care in DisastersAdvanced16
SFH.3Safe From Harm - Level 3Basic6
SA-100.BIntroduction to The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster ServicesBasic4
SA-320.TTTEmotional and Spiritual Care in Disaster Operations - Train the Trainer VersionAdvanced16
SA-IES-002International DeploymentIntermediate8
SA-150.CDisaster Food Service & Canteen OperationsBasic8
SA46Suicide Awareness: An Introduction for Crisis RespondersAdvanced8
A2Right Place, Right Stuff, Right Time: Resource ManagementBasic2
A3Roadmap: Service Delivery Planning for Disaster EventsBasic2
A4Partnerships: The Good, The Bad & The UglyBasic2
B1Theological Foundations for Ministering to Survivors in Crisis - Part 1Intermediate2
B2Theological Foundations for Ministering to Survivors in Crisis - Part 2Intermediate2
ICISFCISM Application with ChildrenAdvanced14
SA-110.BPublic Information 1: The First 24 HoursBasic8
SA-310.BPublic Information 2: The Public Information OfficerAdvanced8
NRAEFServSafe® Food Handler (6th Edition)Basic4
SA-370.BFinance and AdministrationAdvanced8
ICISFAssisting Individuals in CrisisAdvanced13
NCBHMental Health First Aid - AdultBasic8
NCBHMental Health First Aid - YouthBasic8
SA-122Emotional & Spiritual Care: The ESC SpecialistBasic8
Operating Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTV) In A Disaster ResponseBasic3
SA-390Operations (A)Advanced8
FLCForklift CertificationAdvanced4
SMCDisaster Shelter OperationBasic8
FS&CO TTTFood Service & Canteen Ops TTTAdvanced6
SUIUnderstanding Suicide: Effective Tools for Prevention, Intervention and Survivor SupportAdvanced14
ICISFBuilding Skills for Crisis Intervention TeamsBasic13
DPGDisaster Policy GroupAdvanced8
UTVUTV (Utility-Terrain Vehicle) Introduction and Driver's SafetyAdvanced4
WORKSHOPAlabama Regional WorkshopBasic
WORKSHOPMississippi Regional WorkshopBasic
WORKSHOPLouisiana Regional WorkshopBasic
SA-410Leadership and Supervision In ICSAdvanced8
OSHA-GENGeneral Industry ProceduresAdvanced16
SKYWARNSkywarn SpotterBasic2
G-288Volunteer and Donations ManagementAdvanced16
LCRLocal Community ResponseBasic4
SA-EASApplications of Emotional and Spiritual CareAdvanced16
BLSBasic Life SupportAdvanced8
ICISFAssisting Individuals in Crisis Approved Instructor ProgramAdvanced17
ICISFEmotional & Spiritual Care in Disaster OperationsBasic14
ICISFStrategic Response to CrisisAdvanced14
WORKSHOPNSC Canteen WorkshopBasic
WORKSHOPTEX--Incident Command System WorkshopAdvanced8
GCHRGeneral Class Ham Radio CourseIntermediate24
TCHRTechnician Class Ham Radio CourseIntermediate24
SA-CENStress, Compassion Fatigue & ResilienceAdvanced14
WORKSHOPAOK--Incident Command System WorkshopAdvanced8
ATVATV (All - Terrain Vehicle) Introduction and Driver's SafetyIntermediate4
RCCRRole of Chaplain in Crisis ResponseIntermediate2
370.BPlanning Section-RETIREDAdvanced8
SA 170All Hazards Facility Preparedness PlanningIntermediate8
SA 360.BPlanningAdvanced8
SA 149Cleaning, Sanitizing & Field KitchensBasic4
ICISFSpiritual aand Psychological First AidIntermediate16
SA 210Imaging and Interviewing: Media in DisastersIntermediate8
FEMAReligious and Cultural Literacy and Competency in DisasterIntermediate8
CFRChaplaincy with First RespondersIntermediate2
DCMDisaster Case ManagementIntermediate12
SA-321Disaster Chaplaincy Skills (Advanced)Intermediate8
APRSAutomatic Position Reporting SystemBasic1
AUXCIllinois Introduction to AUXCOMMBasic4
WORKSHOPTEX-Home PreparednessBasic3
CIDPCritical Incident Desensitization ProtocolsAdvanced8
SA-125Compassion Resilience: A Toolkit for Preventing Burnout in Work and MinistryBasic4
SA-CENSalvation Army Bloodborne PathogensBasic
SA-140The Dignity of Difference: Exploring DEIBBasic6
SA-CEN Forklift CertificationBasic
MEDICHSI Adult First Aid CPR AEDBasic7
MEDICHSI-Pediatric First Aid CPR AEDBasic6
SA-SOUTX Volunteer Preparedness WorkshopBasic3
SA-SOUTX Food Service WorkshopBasic3
PFAPsychological First Aid (PFA)Basic6
SFAStress First Aid (SFA)Basic2
FEMA-PER404FEMA-Logistics & Supply Chain Resilience in DisastersBasic16
NDPTC-AWR-362NDPTC - Flooding Hazards: Science and PreparednessBasic
CEN-SMCERTCEN - Sandbagging Machine CertificationBasic
SA-420The Dignity of Difference: Exploring DEIB TTTAdvanced16
ARC-FAARC FA- American Red Cross Adult & Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AEDBasic
AUXCOM-TRNAuxiliary Communications "Trainee" CourseBasic20
AUXCOM-CERTAUXCOM Task Book CertificationBasic
IS-2200FEMA - IS-2200Basic
WAWA State Food Handlers CertificationBasic1
SA-CENICISF - Critical Incident Management Certification of Knowledge ExamBasic
CCONCEPTSCore Concepts for preventing burnout, vicarious trauma and compassion fatigueBasic3
IS-905FEMA - IS-905 Responding to an active shooterBasic
MHFAAdult Mental Health First AidIntermediate8
SFH-3C.ISSafe From Harm Level: 3C EDSBasic2
SFH-1.ISSafe from Harm Level 1: VolunteersBasic2
SFH-2.ISSafe from Harm Level 2: EmployeesBasic2
SFH-3E.ISSafe From Harm Level 3E: ARCBasic2
SFH-4R.ISSafe from Harm Level 4 Renewal: LeadershipBasic2
SFH-4Safe from Harm Level 4: LeadershipBasic4
SFH-5D&5ESafe from Harm Level 5D & 5E: Cadet Advanced TrainingBasic4
AHA-HSHeartsaver First Aid CPR AEDBasic4

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