• Stephanie Chastain

Hope Is On The Way: The Salvation Army serves a forgotten remote community

Lost Bridge Village, a rural community of 400, prides itself on its kindness and generosity. However, when a tornado tore through the area, the residents found themselves in dire straits, lacking power, water, and sewer services. "We are so far out that we get forgotten," said Stacey from Lost Bridge Water and Sewer. Even five days post-storm, more than 100 people remained without power.

The Salvation Army, informed by a local mayor about the community’s plight, promptly sent a mobile feeding unit to Lost Bridge Village. News of the hot meals spread quickly among the residents. "We are so sick of canned tuna and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!" Stacey shared. The Salvation Army's presence brought relief and comfort, offering hot meals, clean-up kits, and hygiene kits.

The support continued until utilities were restored, ensuring that the residents had the resources they needed. Brittany, the former HOA president, expressed profound gratitude: "No one else has reached out to offer us assistance. There is definitely a need out here for The Salvation Army. We are so grateful that you all reached out."

This story underscores the critical role The Salvation Army plays in reaching and aiding remote communities during times of disaster, ensuring that even the most isolated areas receive the help they need to recover and rebuild.