• Maria Matheus

The Sally of Tally responds to storms in the Panhandle

The Salvation Army of Tallahassee, Florida (Leon County) spent the weekend serving their community following the severe weather, including strong winds and tornados, that tore through the State Capital early Friday morning. 

Parts of the city were heavily impacted by the storms, but the outlying areas of Leon County received major storm damages mostly due to the vast number of trees that were downed. One fatality was reported from a tree falling on a home. As the storm passed through the Panhandle of Florida, upwards of 50% of customers were without power in Leon County alone. 

Leon County Emergency Management knew that power restoration would be slow going, namely due to all of the trees that were knocked down causing major damages to the power poles and lines that distribute power throughout the County. With that fact in mind, the Leon County Emergency Management contacted The Salvation Army late Friday night with the request to deploy the canteen beginning Saturday on a day-by-day basis.  

The Tallahassee Corps Canteen deployed Saturday and Sunday to the outlying portions of the County, by request of County Emergency Management, serving hot meals alongside the County run Points of Distribution. The Canteen served over 600 meals, as approximately 900 households received cases of water and ice from the distribution points. 

The Corps will continue to communicate and coordinate with emergency management officials and will serve those still without power into the beginning of the new week, on a day-to-day basis.