• Cindy Fuller

Resilience Amidst the Storm: A Tale of Hope and Faith

Oklahoma City, OK (May 13, 2024) – The Salvation Army recently participated in a Multi-Agency Resource Center in Sulphur, Oklahoma to help provide financial assistance to survivors of the tornado that devastated the town of Sulphur, Oklahoma on April 27th. During the event, Barbara, who is hearing-impaired, along with her interpreter, approached The Salvation Army’s table seeking assistance after losing everything to the tornado. 

Often while filling out applications, a listening ear is provided, and many who come share their experiences of what they are experiencing as they begin their journey of recovery.  Malinda, who was assisting clients at the table, and communicating through Barbara’s interpreter, learned about Elaine (Barbara’s roommate), who had lost her foot in the tornado. Upon noticing that Malinda was a double amputee, Barbara asked if Malinda could visit Elaine in the hospital. Shortly after their visit, Major Nakisha Carr, Corps Officer for the Ardmore Salvation Army, and Malinda, a Soldier of the Salvation Army church, departed for the hospital.

Upon reaching the hospital, Major Carr and Malinda listened to Elaine's recount of the harrowing night. The tornado struck their home, and debris fell on Elaine. Despite facing the possibility of losing her foot, Elaine's primary concern was Barbara's safety. Amidst the storm's fury, Elaine, believing she might not survive, fell to her knees, and made peace with the Lord, forgiving her estranged family and others, and seeking forgiveness for herself. In that moment, Elaine found peace and faced the storm and death without fear.

Although Major Carr and Malinda had intended to offer hope and encouragement to Elaine, they found themselves inspired by her resilience. Elaine's spirits were high, filled with hope, and she even expressed interest in volunteering for The Salvation Army. She remained more concerned about others than herself and exhibited unwavering faith.

Despite her hearing impairment, Elaine read lips fairly well, they communicated primarily through written notes. Major Nakisha Carr concluded the visit by penning a prayer for Elaine, thanking the Lord for her safety, seeking continued blessings, and acknowledging Him as the great physician and miracle worker.

Financial donations can be made at www.helpsalvationarmy.org or by calling 1-800-SAL-ARMY to support response efforts. For the latest Salvation Army disaster information please go to www.disaster.salvationarmy.org and watch for regular updates on our social media pages at www.facebook.com/salvationarmyaok/ and www.twitter.com/salarmyeds and www.twitter.com/salarmyedsaok