• Cynthia Fuller

Salvation Army EDS Director Selected For FEMA Regional Advisory Council

Oklahoma City, OK (September 15, 2023) The Salvation Army of Arkansas & Oklahoma is proud to announce that its Divisional Director of Emergency Disaster Services, Laurie Fried, has been selected as a new member of the Region 6 Regional Advisory Council (RAC), a prestigious position that reflects her dedication to disaster management and humanitarian service. 

The Region 6 Regional Advisory Council serves as a vital liaison between the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the entities it serves. Comprising representatives from state, local, and tribal governments, as well as non-profit organizations, the council plays an integral role in shaping FEMA's approach to emergency management. Their collective insight aids in the identification of strengths, weaknesses, and deficiencies in preparedness, protection, response, recovery, and mitigation efforts. 

Laurie Fried's appointment to this council is a testament to her remarkable contributions in the field of disaster relief. Her extensive experience and unwavering commitment to helping communities rebuild and recover after disasters have not gone unnoticed. In the face of adversity, Laurie Fried and The Salvation Army have consistently provided vital support, including food, shelter, and emotional care, to those affected by calamities both large and small. 

"It is a privilege and an honor to serve in this new capacity and work alongside other professional organizations. Together, we will ensure that the needs of individuals and communities impacted by disasters are met with the utmost compassion and efficiency," expressed Laurie. 

As we applaud Laurie Fried for her appointment to the Region 6 Regional Advisory Council, we must also recognize the critical importance of collaboration and coordination among government agencies, nonprofits, and community leaders. It is through such partnerships that we can collectively build a more resilient and compassionate society, one that stands ready to support its members during their times of greatest need. 

In the years to come, Laurie Fried's contributions to the council promise to benefit countless individuals and communities. Her passion for disaster relief, coupled with her tireless dedication, reaffirms the belief that together, we can overcome any adversity and build a brighter, more resilient future for all.