• Jessica Orth

Tulsa Salvation Army Actively Offering Respite During Heat Wave

July 27,  2023 (Tulsa, Oklahoma) As the scorching heat waves continue to bear down on the city of Tulsa, The Salvation Army Tulsa Area Command is taking action to provide relief and support to those in need. With temperatures soaring above 100 degrees, the community is facing the harsh reality of extreme weather conditions, making it crucial for The Salvation Army to come to their aid.

The Emergency Disaster Service team is on the front lines, actively engaging with the community. They can be seen out on the streets, distributing cold water bottles and snacks to individuals who are vulnerable to the unforgiving heat. Their presence has been a source of comfort to many, particularly to those who may not have access to such essentials during these challenging times.

Recognizing the severity of the situation, The Salvation Army Tulsa Area Command has taken additional measures to assist those suffering from the heat. They are providing free box fans to individuals in need. These box fans can be picked up at nine Salvation Army locations throughout Green Country, ensuring that relief is easily accessible to those who require it.

To also combat the heat, The Salvation Army Center of Hope facility is open 24/7, serving as a cooling station during the sweltering days. The doors of the Center of Hope are open to the public, offering a respite from the blistering heat, along with refreshing water and nourishing meals. It has become a sanctuary for many individuals seeking relief from the oppressive temperatures.

The Salvation Army Tulsa Area Command is dedicated to address the challenges posed by the heat waves. They understand the impact such extreme weather conditions can have on the community, particularly on vulnerable populations, and have risen to the occasion with unwavering determination.

In the face of adversity, The Salvation Army has proven time and again that they are devoted to doing the most good and making a significant difference. Their efforts have touched the lives of numerous individuals and families, providing not only physical relief but also a sense of hope and compassion during these trying times.

As the heat wave persists, The Salvation Army Tulsa Area Command continues to stand strong, ready to extend a helping hand to those in need. Their dedication to the well-being of the community serves as an inspiring example of how a collective effort can create a positive impact and bring relief to those affected by natural disasters.

In these trying times, let us stand together in support of The Salvation Army and other organizations working tirelessly to alleviate the effects of the heat waves. Whether it's through volunteering, making donations, or spreading awareness, we can all play a part in making a difference and ensuring that no one faces the scorching heat alone.