• Cynthia Fuller

Oklahoma Senator and Congresswoman Serve Survivors of Tornadoes

Shawnee, OK (April 24, 2023) The Salvation Army has been actively responding to the devastating tornadoes that struck Cole and Shawnee, Oklahoma on April 19.  In the wake of this disaster, Senator James Lankford, his wife Cindy, and Congresswoman Stephanie Bice, as well as several staff members, came out to serve meals to storm survivors in damaged neighborhoods on Friday, April 21st. 

Senator Lankford and Congresswoman Bice distributed lunch alongside The Salvation Army to those who were impacted and listened to survivors share their stories.  Senator Lankford even offered to pray with those who wanted it.  Their willingness to assist brought hope and comfort to those who were struggling in the aftermath of the disaster.  The Salvation Army is very grateful for their support.

“We appreciate the Salvation Army and the practical ways they help in times of crisis. People need food when they have no power, but they also need time to be able to clean up the disaster literally in their own house.” – US Senator James Lankford (R-OK)

Captain Stacey Connelly, Corps Officer for The Salvation Army of Shawnee, expressed gratitude for the support from Senator Lankford and Congresswoman Bice, saying, "We are incredibly thankful for the support and partnership of Senator Lankford and Representative Bice. Their willingness to serve alongside The Salvation Army during this great time of need in Shawnee has been a tremendous blessing. Their efforts have made a real difference in the lives of those who have been impacted by the tornado, and we are truly grateful."

The Salvation Army has been working to provide meals as well as emotional and spiritual care to those impacted by the tornadoes.  As of April 22nd, The Salvation Army has provided 3,436 meals, 3,395 drinks, and 5,385 snacks to those affected.

Financial donations can be made at www.helpsalvationarmy.org or by calling 1-800-SAL-ARMY to support response efforts. For the latest Salvation Army disaster information please go to www.disaster.salvationarmy.org and watch for regular updates on our social media pages at www.facebook.com/salvationarmyaok/ and www.twitter.com/salarmyeds and www.twitter.com/salarmyedsaok.