• Annie Welborn

Resilience and Gratitude After Oklahoma Tornadoes

On the night of February 26th, Central Oklahoma was hit with a multitude of tornadoes that left destruction in their wake. The aftermath was shocking, with homes ripped apart, fallen trees in yards, and debris scattered everywhere. The Salvation Army of Central Oklahoma knew they had to act fast to help those in need, and so they set out for Norman, Oklahoma to provide food and emotional support to those in need.

Upon arriving in the effected neighborhood, the team of staff and volunteers were in disbelief at the level of devastation caused by the severe weather. Amid the chaos and destruction, they met a woman named Frances, who had survived the previous night's storm along with her three children. The team listened intently as she shared her harrowing story.

Frances recounted how the wind had picked up, and she heard what sounded like a train screeching. Within moments, all the windows in her home had shattered, and the roof had been torn off. As she searched for her children, debris was flying everywhere, and she was afraid they wouldn't survive.

But by the grace of God, they did. Emergency responders and family members were able to rescue Frances and her children from their home after the storm had subsided. As she shared her story with the Salvation Army team, Frances wiped away tears of gratitude.

"I just started crying because I couldn't believe we had survived," Frances said. "I am so grateful; I can replace everything, my kids are alive, I'm okay, and God is still good."

Frances knew that her survival was a testament to the grace of God. Despite the devastating tornadoes that had ripped through Central Oklahoma, the Salvation Army of Central Oklahoma was there to provide much-needed aid and support to those affected. And for Frances, that support meant everything.

In the midst of disaster response efforts, The Salvation Army offered more than just physical nourishment to those affected, but also provided spiritual sustenance in the aftermath of the tragedy. The resilience and appreciation demonstrated by survivors such as Frances serve as a testament to the power of the human spirit when confronted with hardship.