• Jon Kalahar

The Salvation Army Serves More Than 3,000 Meals Across Highlands County, FL

(Sebring, FL) – Word has spread in Sebring, Florida and across Highlands County, when you see The Salvation Army canteen in front of the Family Store, food is ready. It’s relief for many residents and families.

Taina Mirio, stopped by with her daughter to pick up meals for her whole household.

“It’s been very bad,” said Mirio. “I’ve thrown away a lot of food. We have to get out of the house and stay under the shade tree to try and stay cool.”

Still, with everything causing her to worry, no power, no water, no ice, a hot meal helps a great deal.

“I’m happy for the food. When I get my food I’m gonna be smiling,” said Mirio.

As the line of cars waiting for food continued to grow, Brad Stephan couldn’t help but think back to previous storms, Charlie and Gene.

“This is the most damage I’ve seen in 30 years,” said Stephan.

To Stephan, the meal he received means more than just nourishment for his physical needs.

“This means people still care and want to help,” said Stephan. “Today, in this world, it’s hard to find people who still do that.”

Alex Chong and his grandson stood in line for a hot lunch too, but while they did, Alex helped Salvation Army works load cases of water into cars as they drove through.

“The heat is hard. We’re hoping it’s going to be over very soon. We want it to be back to normal,” said Chong.

In three locations across Highlands County, Salvation Army canteens and workers will deliver over 3,000 meals with drinks, plus emotional and spiritual care from Salvation Army officers.

“We are meeting the needs of this community by going into the community,” said Major Ernest Hull, Incident Commander and New Orleans Area Commander. “We want to be that helping hand and smiling face that helps them through this tough time.”