• Jon Kalahar

Cindy Downgraded, The Salvation Army ALM Still Monitoring Need

JACKSON, MS – The Salvation Army of Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi is still monitoring the needs across our three-state area even as Cindy is downgraded to a tropical depression. To this point, The Salvation Army has received no requests for assistance.

“Cindy is still a threat as it moves northeast across the top of our area,” said Terry Lightheart, EDS Director, The Salvation Army of Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi. “We know with all the rain dropped from this storm flooding could still be a possibility into the weekend.”

With Salvation Army Corps located all across the Gulf Coast from Mobile to Biloxi to New Orleans and Lake Charles in Louisiana, officers will stay in close contact with local emergency management officials to make sure all needs are met. Shelters are also open to receive anyone who needs to escape rising flood waters.

“We expect any flooding to be localized, so we are keeping our officers and shelters on alert,” said Lightheart. “We would rather be prepared and not be needed than be caught off guard.”