• Jessica Shaw

New Orleans Command brings water, meals, and comfort following EF2 tornado in LaPlace

LAPLACE, LA – Damaged homes and piles of debris are just a few things left behind after an EF-2 tornado ripped through the city of LaPlace Tuesday afternoon.

“It’s a disaster area,” Dorothy Brown, receptionist for The Salvation Army of Greater New Orleans said. “Roofs ripped off, fences knocked down, electrical poles snapped. Cars had been tossed like you would throw checker pieces.”

Brown and her husband have lived in LaPlace for nearly 30 years. While her home only sustained minor damage, many of the neighbors weren’t so lucky.

The Salvation Army of Greater New Orleans deployed their Disaster Emergency Response Team (DERT) to provide assistance for those families in need.� Our team delivered 250 clean-up kits, 200 first-aid kits, and a pallet of water on Friday morning to be distributed to those impacted.

“The Salvation Army's daily mission is to provide the sustenance and aid necessary to carry people through crisis and when emergent circumstances such as those caused by the recent severe weather occur, our emergency responders are on-scene to provide relief, respite and hope,” Major David Worthy, Area Commander said. “Relief and recovery efforts of this nature involve the entire community and collectively, we can make an immeasurable impact in moving those affected from tragedy to triumph.”

Salvation Army canteens (mobile kitchens) and crews will also be providing meals Friday night for tornado victims, volunteers, and first responders. Mobile canteens will be serving food and drinks for more than 500 people in the LaPlace area at two separate locations, LaPlace Elementary School and Celebration Church.

“Many people might not have time to stop cleaning and sorting,” Brown said. “Hot meals are good, they’re extremely valuable for a person going through this type of situation. It’s comforting.”

That comfort is what The Salvation Army is striving to provide in the wake of disaster and trying times.

The Salvation Army of Greater New Orleans is not actively soliciting in-kind donations for the event at this time, however, if you would like to make a monetary donation, you may call 504-899-4569.� Please indicate on the donation that you would like the funds to be used for the Laplace tornado or Southeast Louisiana severe weather event.� You can also make a secure donation online at www.salvationarmynola.org.