• Cynthia (Cindy) Fuller

El Dorado Salvation Army Serves Residents in Camden AR

April 5, 2014 - Oklahoma City, OK   –   The El Dorado Salvation Army continues to respond in Camden, Arkansas after severe weather impacted the region on Thursday evening.    Power outages continue with street lights and stop lights out in the entire area causing danger to drivers and residents in the impacted area.   The City estimates power should be restored by late Sunday evening.

Reports estimate 13 homes were destroyed, five homes received major damage with the high school sustaining tremendous damage.   Teachers, students, members of the baseball and football teams are just a sample of the persons receiving meals and hydration from The Salvation Army.

Captain NaKisha Carr, El Dorado Corps Officer, reports there is a tremendous team effort at work this weekend.   The Salvation Army’s Youth Councils are being held at Camp Heart O’Hills in Tahlequah taking part of the El Dorado staff.   In the meantime, numerous employees, key volunteers, and soldiers from the El Dorado Corps (church) are helping to keep the daily operations going in El Dorado while 24 hour around the clock disaster response continues in Camden.

The El Dorado Salvation Army is extremely grateful to Pine Bluff Salvation Army for the loan of their larger mobile feeding unit.   With both the El Dorado and Pine Bluff canteens available, the Pine Bluff canteen is now parked at the corner of Cash and California providing service 24 hours a day.   Hot meals are being served three times a day with a special feeding after midnight to the service providers working around the clock to restore electricity to the area.   The El Dorado unit is roving in the affected areas beginning approximately 6 AM until 6 PM so as to adhere to the enforced curfew.

Incidentally, emergency disaster response training was held at Camp Heart O’Hills a couple of weeks ago.   Captain Carr reports three of the four who attended the training are actively using the skills and lessons learned during the recent training.  

Over 400 meals, drinks and snacks have been served in addition to 200 sack lunches.  The Salvation Army will continue to provide food and hydration as long as there is a need.

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