• Lindsay Sparks & Cindy Fuller

Tulsa Salvation Army Serves Neighbors After Storms Hit

Tulsa, Oklahoma (July 25, 2013)   On the evening of Tuesday, July 23, Tulsa Oklahoma was hammered by a thunderstorm with winds up to 76 miles per hour and lightening that started fires across the metro and surrounding areas.  With nearly 100,000 households without power The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services responded providing much needed food and hydration in the areas most affected by Tuesday night’s storms.  On the first day out the canteen served 319 meals, 441 drinks and 226 snacks.  The mobile feeding unit continues to roam neighborhoods in the Tulsa metro area stocked with sandwiches, water/Gatorade, snacks and lawn/debris bags to help bring a little relief to those affected, as well as those who are responding to the emergency. 

One special trip was made Wednesday evening to an apartment complex that had been without power for more than 18 hours.  A resident called to because the complex hadn’t received help from anyone and that the population was hungry and in need.  Although the crew had been dispersed for the day, Major James Taylor grabbed volunteer coordinator, Jenny McElyea, and they headed out to help however they could.

Upon arrival they were greeted with a chorus of “God bless you’s” and appreciative faces, both young and old.  “We stayed until we gave away everything we had on the truck,” Major James Taylor said.

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