• Lindsay Sparks & Krachel Greenwood

"We need to help our own. It's Oklahoma Spirit to get it done."

“When these types of events happen, it’s our duty to help,” says Lesley Martin, Continental Resources Director of Community Relations & Events.

Continental Resources is a Top 10 petroleum liquids producer in the United States, headquartered in Oklahoma City. Employees are encouraged to volunteer with disaster relief efforts, working anywhere from four to six hours a day.

“When the tornado touched down in Moore, we immediately called all of the relief agencies we have worked with in the past, including The Salvation Army.”

Chesapeake Energy, an oil and natural gas producer also headquartered in Oklahoma City, gave employees the opportunity to volunteer, as well. Employee Stevvie Shriver worked pushing carts and helping those who came to The Salvation Army’s Disaster Relief Center, a large warehouse located in the old JC Penny building at Plaza Mayor at the Crossroads.

When it comes to meeting disaster survivors physical and materials needs, “[The Salvation Army] has almost everything” Shriver said.

Jenny DeMoss and Becky McBryde, Continental Resources employees, spent five days working in the Distribution Center. They too are giving up time in the office to organize and sort donated goods at the Disaster Relief Center.

“There’s just so much need. If everybody does a little bit, maybe it’ll all get done,” McBryde said.

“We need to help our own. Family members of 10 of our employees were affected,” Martin adds. “It’s Oklahoma Spirit to get it done.”