• Cynthia (Cindy) Fuller

Pillars of Strength Among the Rubble

Moore, OK (May 23, 2013) - In the midst of horrific tragedy, stories of survival, strength and compassion are emerging. The Salvation Army is on the grounds, amongst the chaotic pile of rubble that once were homes and schools. There is no doubt, mourning is taking place in staggering numbers on the streets of Moore, Oklahoma tonight. The Salvation Army, known for its on-site food and hydration services, is quietly serving those who have been deeply affected by the storms with a team of trained stress management persons.

About two hours after the tornado hit, Major Steve Morris, Divisional Commander, was checking on The Salvation Army’s local church members. Upon entering the disaster site, he remembered that a soldier of the Oklahoma City Corps lived in the affected area. Concerned, he made his way to their residence to check on their health and welfare. Upon knowing all were okay, he prayed.

On Wednesday, Emotional and Spiritual Care teams had the opportunity to pray with 604 individuals while making contact with many others. Providing hope and compassion, be it a bottle of water and encouraging smile, or simply an open ear to hear stories of survival, The Salvation Army is a pillar of strength for those whose walls have literally crumbled around them.

Even while volunteers, employees and officers are on the ground in Oklahoma helping both those who are responding and those affected, The Salvation Army leadership is in prayer for all. International Leader of The Salvation Army, General Linda Bond sent the following note to share with her teams in Oklahoma:

“You will know that the Army world will be praying tomorrow, and of course, the people of Moore, Oklahoma will be placed before our Salvationists for prayer. How grateful I am to Salvationists who immediately moved into action and will continue to give the kind of practical service that resonates with the heart of Jesus. We are honoured to be linked with your people. God bless you richly.”