• Christopher Priest

A Personal Account of May 20 From Moore, OK

From Lieutenant Sharon Autry, Corps Officer Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

We were at our quarters (parsonage),-we live in the Moore area-when the tornado touched down. We actually got in our minivan with our children and outran it! We saw it headed for us as we left the driveway.


We have now received word that the house was spared, but haven't been able to get to it to be sure. I kept our children home from daycare this morning out of worry, and I still have yet to hear if their daycare teacher has survived. (It's a home daycare not far from the storm's path.)

It's 9:00 PM and my husband (Leiutenant) John Autry is serving with several other Emergency Disaster Services caregivers right now. Not sure yet where he is sleeping, or if he will.

The kids and I are at the home of  Lt. Nicole and Captain Bobby Parker's house (the Parkers are responsible for Salvation Army youth work in the States of Arkansas & Oklahoma) for the night. We left the house without even shoes on the kids' feet. Nicole picked us up at a Target on the north side of town so John could head back to the devastation.

God is still on the throne.