• Cynthia (Cindy) Fuller

The Salvation Army Assisting First Responders in Comanche County

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (July 31) – The Salvation Army is responding to a large, 28,800 acre wildfire affecting Comanche County.  The Salvation Army’s Lawton canteen (mobile feeding unit) is being manned by a crew from the Salvation Army in Chickasha.

On Monday evening, The Salvation Army served approximately 250 meals and many bottles of water and Gatorade. The canteen returned this morning to serve meals, hydration as well as emotional and spiritual care to those still working to control the fire lines and mopping up hot spots.  Lt. James Biddix, Chickasha Salvation Army, states “the smoke and fire is so massive and we want to help those responding in any way we can.”

The Salvation Army Canteen was deployed upon request from Emergency Management.  Today, the fire danger is very high across Oklahoma.  Weather conditions will remain critical with temperatures from 105 degrees to 111 degrees and relative humidity being 14% to 23%.  With South winds predicted to be sustained from 7 mph – 11 mph, The Salvation Army has all units in Oklahoma on stand-by to respond in the event they are needed.  Extreme Heat Warnings have been issued for the Northeast section of the State, and Heat advisory has been issued for the remaining portion of the state.

The Salvation Army will stay on site for as long as they are needed.  Additional information will be provided as it is available.