• Mark Jones

Salvation Army Canteen Deployments For AL & MS For May 4, 2011

Jackson, MS - Thirty-six (36) Salvation Army disaster canteens remain in operation in tornado-affected areas of Alabama and Mississippi.  These "kitchens-on-wheels" remain concentrated in communities hardest hit be the severe storms.  A complete list of service locations for Tuesday, May 4, 2011 follows:

Never seen a Salvation Army disaster canteen?  Take a tour on YouTube!





Jackson County, AL

Vidalia, GA

Flat Rock Community Center

684 County Road 326, Flat Rock, AL



Atlanta, GA AC

Higdon Baptist Church



Savannah, GA

Flat Rock Community Center

684 County Road 326, Flat Rock, AL



Augusta, GA DRU 1



Madison County, AL

Huntsville, AL

Publix Shopping Center

Jeff Rd/Hwy 53


Calhoun County, AL

Anniston, AL

Webster’s Chapel Baptist Church

3091 New Liberty Road

Wellington, Alabama



Hattiesburg, MS

Ten Island Church

9150 Hwy 77, Ohache, AL


Lawrence County, AL

Decatur, AL




New Orleans, LA DRV-20

Chaleybeate Springs Baptist Ch.

2751 Cnty Rd 214, Hillsboro, AL


Franklin County, AL




Dekalb County, AL

Fort Payne, AL

Out of service


Marshall County, AL

Alexandria, AL DRV-18

Ruth Volunteer FD

3075 Matt Morrow Road, Arab, AL



Gadsden, AL DRU 1

Gunters Landing Subdivision

1000 Gunters Landing Road

Guntersville, AL



Shreveport, LA DRV-18

Guntersville Rec. Center

1500 Guntersville Drive, G’ville, AL


Cullman County

Vero Beach, FL

Being deployed from B’ham

Hanceville, AL



St. Augustine, FL

Being deployed from B’ham

Holly Pond, AL


Monroe County, MS

Tupelo, MS DRV-18

Smithville Pharmacy

63432 Hwy 25 North, Smithville



Jackson, MS MFU



Tuscaloosa, AL

Columbus, MS DRV-18

Holt HS

3801 Alabama Avenue NE

Tuscaloosa, AL



Panama City, FL DRV-20

Leeland Plaza in Alberta

(off of 15th Street)



Pensacola, FL

Hopewell Baptist Church

3800 University Blvd.

Alberta, AL



Jacksonville DRV-20

Forest Lake Baptist Church

107 18th Street, Tuscaloosa, AL



Ft. Lauderdale, FL DRV-20

Ridgecrest Neighborhood

Holt, AL



Meridian, MS

Tuscaloosa Corps Facility



Selma, AL MFU



Jefferson County, AL

Baton Rouge, LA DRV-18

350 Industrial Drive, B’ham



Birmingham DRV-18






North Smithfield, Leola Ave

Fultondale South



Vero Beach, FL

See Cullman County



Tallahassee, FL DRV-20

Pratt City East – Hwy 78 and Cherry



Tampa, FL DRV-20




St. Augustine, FL

See Cullman County



Titusville, FL

Pleasant Grove, AL

(South – in the park)



West Pasco, FL

Temporarily Out-of-Service



Lake Charles, LA DRV-18

McDonald Chapel, Pratt City West

(no physical address available)


Walker County, AL

Dothan, AL DRV-18

Being deployed from B’ham

Cordova, AL – 208 Alabama Avenue



Birmingham, AL MFU

Being deployed from B’ham

Cordova – Roving