Upcoming Events

Florida Division

Date: Mar/25/2015-Mar/27/2015
Location: Emergency Disaster Services Conference
Camp Keystone
6581 SE 9th Ave
Starke FL 32028

The Florida Division will be hosting its Biennial Disaster Conference at Keystone Camp and Conference Center in Starke Florida, March 25-27 of this year. This conference gathers our local disaster teams from across Florida to participate in a 3-4 day conference on disaster response and recovery. 

Our agenda includes pre-conference certificate training, general sessions and workshops. Participants will have the opportunity to network internally as well with public and private partners from around the state. We will have exhibits from our sponsors as well.

The requirements for participating in this year’s conference are stated below:

1. All participants must have a profile within our National Disaster Website.  Please visit www.disaster.salvationarmyusa.org to either create/view and/or update your profile.
All required releases must be signed.

2. All participants must have completed “Safe From Harm” training, minimum of level I is required. This will include a background screening and must be verified with Human Resources.

3. All participants must have completed “Introduction to The Salvation Army’s Emergency Disaster Services” training.
Please note this course will not be offered at the conference and is a pre-requisite to ALL other training classes.

**Special Guest: Chief Glenn Brown, Mayer Fire District

Pre-Conference Training Wednesday:

Ministry of Presence                                             ServSafe Food Handler
Medic First Aid & CPR Recertification’s
Disaster Food Service & Canteen Operations          Incident Command System

Liaison I-Understanding Emergency Management & Whole Community

Emergency Assistance in Disaster Operations   Finance & Administration
Medic Basic First Aid & CPR for Adults

Workshop Topics on Thursday:
Effective Community Engagement
Compassion Fatigue
Social Media: Community Outreach
It’s More than an Expo
Solving Donations Mngmt
EOC: Should I go? Should I stay?
Canteen Driving On Scene: What’s Next?
Supply & Purchasing
Discovering Alt Communications: Amateur Radio
Disaster Menu Planning
Why Stats Matter
Distribution Center Operations
Canteen Inspection-How to
Effective Resource Allocation
Building & Maintaining Volunteers
Developing a Local Training Program
Mass Care Strategy: It’s Bigger than EDS

If you do not meet all of the above requirements and wish to attend the conference, please contact your local corps officer or volunteer coordinator so they may assist you.
Thank you,
Florida EDS