Alabama Louisiana Mississippi Division

Mailing Address 1450 Riverside Drive
Jackson, MS  39202
Phone (601) 969-6868

Service Area

Alabama: All counties except Russell County Louisiana: All parishes Mississippi: All counites except Desoto, Tate and Tunica


Salvation Army Officers
Paid Employees
Trained Disaster Volunteers

Disaster Response Equipment

Field Kitchens
Communication Units
Command Units
Shower Units
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Salvation Army Corps 31
Salvation Army Service Centers 19
Salvation Army Service Units 0
Warehouse Space47,588
(sq. feet)
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Divisional Disaster Director

Thad Hicks

Mailing Address 1450 Riverside Drive
Jackson, MS  39202
Phone (601) 969-6868

Thad is an Emergency Management practitioner with over 17 years of experience in The United States and abroad. He has worked in all segments of emergency services, from field operations to organizational policy formation.

Thad was previously the Director of the Disaster Management and Relief program at Ohio Christian University. This program sought to integrate the field of emergency management with those looking to minister around the globe in a more practical way. He not only designed the bachelor's level program, but wrote the entire curriculum, and directed it for 5 years. While no longer a full-time academic, he continues to consult and teach as an adjunct Assistant Professor within the Disaster Management program at Ohio Christian University, and The Emergency Management Department at the University of Maryland, University College.

In addition to his other duties, Thad sits on the editorial board of "The Journal of Emergency Management," a top tier journal in the emergency management field. He is the past Editor-in-Chief of two quarterly academic journals, "Trauma Healing" and “Healing Ministry Journal."

Thad is a Certified Emergency Manager, (CEM), hold a M.A. in Conflict Transformation, and a PhD in Intercultural Studies, where his research centered around Salvation Army culture and its effect on the way the organization carries out emergency disaster services within the United States.